Competition and New Players | Riot Pls – League of Legends

Competition and New Players | Riot Pls – League of Legends

Hey everyone! Joe here again on behalf of the League Dev Team. The 2018 season is in full swing; Dragonmaster Swain and Pizza Delivery Sivir have joined the meme graveyard and the release of Clash is on the horizon. In today’s video, I want to cover a few important topics around the state of the game, talk about some of the things we’re doing to make the game better for new players, give an update on Clash, and discuss some early plans we have for Ranked play. Let’s jump straight in to the state of the game. As you know, this year we’ve been trying a new cadence with live balance, releasing a bigger patch every four weeks, with smaller patches in between. Our goal is to create longer windows of stability between big updates, and to ship higher-impact changes in our big patches. Like the AP item overhaul in 8.4 or the Conqueror keystone in 8.6. So far, early feedback seems positive, so we’ll continue to follow this cadence for the time being. New runes have kept us busy as well. Since preseason, our top priority has been to address major launch issues like the dominance of stopwatch, overly-restrictive path bonuses, and groups of champions that were underserved by the new system. With Conqueror live we feel the major issues have been addressed, and strong choices exist across all of the styles with support for the vast majority of champions. Of course we’ll continue to iterate as necessary throughout the year. Recently, you’ve let us know that too often games feel decided by the worst player on a team instead of the best player. League is a team game, but over time, rewarding teamplay has come at the expense of the player doing the heavy lifting. So, over the next few months, we’ll be tuning things like shutdown gold to increase individual agency and carry potential. As we roll these changes out, let us know what you think and good luck crushing your lane. It’s no secret there are many pain points for new players when they onboard onto League. Over time, this has only gotten worse, as we’ve added more content and new systems to the game. Now, we’re finally going to address some
of these issues. We’ll be streamlining the new player experience, reworking basic elements like the initial flow into the client and of course the tutorial. (Rest in peace, Thornmail on Ashe). We’ll also be updating new player rewards to make it easier for noobs to find a main they love. In game, you’ll be able to automatically buy items while you’re learning. And of course, all of this will be optional so it’s a benefit to newbies, not a hindrance to veterans. Now that runes are free, there’s no longer a power deficit for new players, and jungling is possible from the get go. With these changes, we hope some of the biggest barriers to finding the fun in League will be fixed. The worldwide launch of League’s new tournament
mode, Clash, is near. Our beta tests so far have been instrumental in helping us improve the player experience for Clash. With Clash on the way, we’re also taking a look at Ranked, with the intent of making a number of improvements for the start of next season. These will be aimed at making Ranked better at providing meaningful goals, giving clearer feedback about your progress, and more accurate recognition and rewards for your achievements. The first thing we’re looking at is placements. Today, placements are a black box. You don’t get feedback on how you’re doing, and where you end up after 10 games can feel pretty bad. Next season, you’ll get a provisional rank based on your first ranked game of the season. This is the floor for your starting rank – you can’t place below it. For the remainder of placements, you’ll earn accelerated LP for each win, and losses won’t count against you. Secondly – next year, you’ll earn unique ranks for each position you play, and matchmaking will adjust based on position select. Position-based matchmaking will apply to Normal Draft as well making it a safer place to practice a new position before putting rank on the line. If you want to still main mid you’ll be free to do so, but if you want to branch out, the new ranked system won’t punish you for it. Third, we’re making a few adjustments to the tier system. The reality is, certain tiers like Bronze and Diamond have too broad of a skill range, whereas other tiers like Gold make for a much faster climb. To smooth out the player experience, we’re adding two additional tiers and moving to four divisions per tier, so that you get more frequent feedback as you climb and hit bigger milestones at a better cadence. Finally, we’ll be changing our approach to the season structure. Next year, we’ll be breaking the season into three splits, and your border will reflect the live state of your rank. Participating in each split will evolve your border and rank emblems, and we’ll still do end of season rewards at the end of the third split. And no, your rank won’t reset between splits. As with Runes Reforged, we’re talking about these changes really early in the year, so you have time to give us feedback and help us make the system really great. As always, we’re also working on quality-of-life improvements behind the scenes. Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out major reductions to the install size of League. We’re also working on a new patcher that should use less bandwidth and patch significantly faster which we hope to get to you guys later this year. In addition, we’re aiming to improve League’s ability to deal with a wider range of network conditions, especially relevant to playing over wifi. This is not something that’ll ship with one specific patch, we’ll be rolling out improvements over time. We still recommend that you do what you can to have a solid network connection to our servers, but if there are factors beyond your control, we want that to have a smaller effect on the quality of your experience. Thanks for watching guys. We’re super excited to hear what you think about our Ranked plans, individual carry potential, or anything else we discussed today. Good luck in Clash and we’ll see you on the rift!

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  1. What happens when people troll at ranked? And also where are the new game modes like urf. I wish it's monthly^^

  2. What's the point of 3 splits if you only get end-of-season rewards at the end of the third and rank doesn't reset between?

  3. Rito Plz make League for consoles xD or at least make a better system about gaining BE cause I have t play over 2 weeks to get 4.8k champ!!!

  4. You should not make ranked like that, adding more tiers is fine but getting differentent elo for every role sounds terrible, I mean people trade their roles in champion select how can you stop that? Even if you manange to balance this system which is near impossible people will quit the game because they will feel like it is not the ranked system they worked hard for and finally this sounds like a waste of time for people who play different roles, so in any case the game will lose fans just dont do it

  5. BETTER?! Are you talking about smurfs are killing everyone and they're making me disguisted and only one who's getting banned is me!

  6. Hello Riot I know that u'll not do this propably but please nerf Yasuo he is not ballanced against any type of ranged,ad characters, Because of his "cheater windwall" (this is overpowered) also he have NO COOLDOWNS on his q and e (this is overpowered either). So please think about our gameplay not about your profit of selling those Yasuo skins and make our gameplay a bit less terrible. Also yasuo was the reason why i lost like 4 accounts so thank you Riot for making profit and disgusting my gaming experience. I really hate Yasuo. PS.: stop ignoring our community Riot u have a special button on your website its called "Community" and I think you visit it once a year because you ignore almost every post about Nerfing something because its not ballanced. Thank you Riot. I think you lost many players because you said that every champion is ballanced while they are dealing a way too much damage.

  7. thank you for finally covering the issues related to connection to crappy internet providers who don't meet their promised speeds. these providers also don't change the lines for those individuals because they are the only provider for the area.

  8. hello league of legends can i kindly lock my garena account that i forgot my mobile number and unverified email because they are wasting my lp on rank IGN: Castor567 pH server

  9. Guys in question..i know this is late
    But for example cand u make a sistem after a game…to shoe play of the match for ex..or most healing done or something else…to prove that it doesnt matter if i lose…i know at least i do somtething or i was usefull…if u can..not just that graphs

  10. I might actually play ranked for once. It'll be my first time playing it in about 4 years. Keep in mind, I've been playing League since Rengar's release.

  11. Everything is Ok except these ranked changes that are going to ruin this Game so hard, believe me these two new divisions and also these ranks for each role, Cmon riot that will not work. It will ruin the Game so hard just because of these two changes … please dont do that better ask LCS players if they are agreeing with this or not, it will be so hard to make it to the LCS after these changes … please dont do these two changes ! 😞😞😞😞

  12. I Was 18/3 on my Kog'Maw Game And I Didn't even get S And The Orianna Got an S With 5/3/12 Pls FIx It CAUSE I CANT GET Kog'Maw to Freaking LEVEL 7!!!!! So PLS FIX IT, And You Better Give me That 1 Last Thing To Get My LEVEL 7 Kog'Maw Im in PH My UserName Is DT Amithel_TEM

  13. Riot please
    give a rework to Mordekaiser
    the champion needs a massive update
    especially the skins and the voice lines
    like come on
    what are you doing?
    just give Morde the same love as you do to your other champions
    I feel bad that Morde doesn't get the same updates as the other champions

  14. sounds better if u just get more lp if u win when u r autofilled insted of a diamond player plays in gold 5 just because he/she is bad at X


  16. I agree on the new tiers, and the new role ranking, but… fix the game, youre not going on a good way and your losing your basic community. You messed a lot of things and I'm not the only one (listen to the streamers atleast…). Hope you, Riot, to react quickly ! Thank you4

  17. Caralho, por favor coloquem o elo Madeira!!!!! Vai ser muito comédia kakakakakaka. Mudanças legais e bacanas na rankeada. Porém nunca tirem em mente a raíz do jogo, saudosismo é bem bacana também.

  18. Game gone to far to correct it anymore.
    All this is nice but the insta gib killing makes this game less fun.
    ALso I miss my 20 rune pages to make my champ a little more unique..
    This game died in my eyes. ( I've played since the beta team btw)

  19. How about have towers do 500 true base damage so i wont get tower dived at level 4 and have the other player walk away with 50 missing hp

  20. I'll uninstall already from now , you're just coming with unwanted changes , making the game even more complicated , i miss the old league… not this.

  21. This is probably going to be a good thing maby a bad idea on completely shutting down kill gold but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to lower it to stop players from getting fed off the worst guy on your team

  22. Why cant we see the mastery of enemies to know of they are main or not before we get in the game so we need to see there stats on other sites loke lolking i think that u must show there stats if they were plat or diamond before we get in the game and there mastry as well we already know it after they die or kill someone so its pointless to not show it while getting in the game

  23. Online game should be competitive there is no point in playing if you get punished for being good don't do everything to give a advantage to noobs online is supposed to be competitive right? What kind is restarted socialist sestim rewords you for sucking and punish you for being good it seems a lot of online games are like that nowadays its complily broken and I won't play games like that

  24. Plz dont destroy the game, dont change divisions, there are a lot of players with more than 2 years in game, we Will all be dissapointed

  25. The new divisions sound fine but don't do the thing with rank per different role. For people who try hard in ranked being placed a secondary role and play in a lower elo will be a big turn off. If you are skilled and smart and deserve your elo you can properly main top as I do and be able to show your mechanics in an another Lane as support for example. You still got your elo's mechanics to play a different Lane safe if you got at least some braincells. DON'T RUIN THE SOLO DUO SYSTEM

  26. O que é uma chinesa nova temporada achei muito boa vai ser muito melhor para mim e para as outras pessoas até aquelas pessoas que estão no bronze que os outros fica judiando das pessoas tirando onda das pessoas eu fiquei fiquei muito feliz de ver isso da dolor fazer isso essa atualização do ano que vem eu gosto muito gosto muito gostei muito e eu que tenho foco muito grande de subir de elo Fica muito melhor para mim

  27. In other words, ranked is still not worth playing next season. Yes, I can "crush" my lane like 9/10 when I'm smurfing as a plat player in a mid silver mmr. Doesn't matter when my idiotic teammates can't hold their own and snowball the game against us. And seriously, still sticking with the stupid promos concept? If I snowball most of my games right before promos, I'm bound to lose them, and then my LP gains are reduced and losses seriously increased to the point win/loss net gains are like 4 LP, taking MUCH longer to get back, and hoping the coin tosses are in my favor.

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