Hello, It’s Rich Wilson aboard Great American
4. I am going to give you a short tour of the
chart table here. So I am going to turn the camera around. Starting over here on the left, port side,
we have three satellite telephones. This is the Fleet broadband that has a high
data connection of 250k. This is an Iridium Open Port and that has
a 128k and this is the Fixed Iridium, which is much slower but much smaller antenna. 9.6k. That is the one that has to be on all of the
time. These are some Bose headphones that are noise
cancelling that we might use to try to cutout some of the noise. Plus, and behind here we have a Bluetooth
headset that will connect into the Fixed Iridum, in case I have to go somewhere in the boat
to ask and then call into Joff Brown, who is our boat Captain and ask him a question
or that sort of thing, I can do it without taking the phone with me. Then up across the top here we have got instrument
data from the wind instruments and speedometer and so forth. And this last one here is the autopilot. Back over, this is our radar. This is a radar detector so that if we turn
this on and it detects a radar signal coming in it will send a beep and the active radar
will actually show a target on the screen. We have got our computer monitor here. We have two computers out behind the chart
table, two laptops, identical with the same the same software on them. We have a small inclinometer here to show
how much the boat is heeling one way or the other. Then we have got, this is our keel control. You can see it is at minus 40 degrees. We have two huge hydraulic rams that will
control the top of the keel. The keel is on a hinge and it is 13 and a
half feet below the bottom of the boat. There is a 3 ton bulb, so that can be pushed
out either side to help the balance of the boat. Now this is a barograph and you can see the
barometer is going down and we are going to get another front tomorrow morning in. And down here we have our controls, or monitors
for different kinds of electricity generation. We have the wind turbine over here. This is the hydrogenerators, solar panels
or the engine. And this is the house battery bank and how
much is being expended. Then we’ve got a bunch of clocks here. You can see this is Boston Time. This is Universal Time, GMT. And this is still on French Time. And we have a, just a temperature gauge here. And a kitchen timer for naps. And over here on the right we have our switch
panel. All the switches for the different systems
on the boat. Most of these, or many of these stay on all
the time and others are just turned on and off. For instance this is the navigation lights
at the top of the mast. That just goes on at night. And we have a VHF radio which is for short
conversations with ships that maybe passing by and that is supposed to be on all the time
also. Then we have a slew of DC power plugs and
cigarette plugs and underneath a USB hub for various USB connections into, for instance,
the sleep watch that I have plus the asthma data as well. And here is another barograph which you can
see the storm we had the other day was this depression here and then it got better and
now it is getting worse again! So, and then up top here we just have a couple
charging ports for GoPro cameras and some notes from friends back home. So that is a quick tour of some of the software
on another video. Over and out

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