Carnival’s Largest Cruise Ship Ever: How It Fits 6,000 People | WSJ

Carnival’s Largest Cruise Ship Ever: How It Fits 6,000 People | WSJ

(upbeat music) – I’m here on the Carnival Mardi Gras. This will be the largest ship
for the largest cruise line, and it’s, as you can see, still very much under construction. Cruise operator Carnival invited me to a ship yard in Finland to see the ship before it’s even finished. Every square meter on
a cruise ship is vital and carefully planned. This ship will have some unique features. A large atrium with a giant
glass wall during the day for people to sit and mingle. But at night it turns into a show club. The key question for cruise ship designers is how do you fit more than
6,000 guests onto a boat and not have them feel cramped? To keep guests happy, Carnival has put communal
spaces into different zones like the French Quarter
or the Italian Piazza. There will be a beer brewery onboard. – As we are building bigger ships, we want to spread people
across the (mumbles), much more diversity into the restaurant, the sort of restaurant offering. – The whole idea is you
have to have a good time when you’re on a cruise, and that means no crowds. Even though there are so
many people around you. Getting people to come back
is what this is all about. Getting them to come back is how the cruise industry will grow. When the Mardi Gras is finished, it will be the first ship in the world to feature an actual
rollercoaster onboard. – For us we tend to look at even the craziest ideas all the time. We’re interested to whatever comes. I’m an engineer by nature, so we force ourself to consider whatever crazy ideas we have. We stock them and then we look at where we can implement them in the future. So there is some crazy idea that’s never came alive on the ships, and we have some in our
boxes for the future. – The attention isn’t just
on the communal spaces. Carnival had worked to maximize the use of space in the cabins, which are built offsite and then slotted into the ship one by one. Ah, this is better. Here we are in a cabin. But we’re not at sea, we’re in a cabin factory
where this mock up of a cabin on Mardi Gras
and others are put together. Carnival hired a design firm
with no experience in ships to come up with new ideas
for how to maximize space. Here’s one example. Instead of a bedside table, there’s just a small shelf. All you need is a place to
put your phone after all. By doing things like that, you’re actually able to save a foot of space that was
used in the bathroom. By making the bathroom a little bigger, they’re able to put in a shower door instead of a shower curtain. Here’s another space-saving tip. Seems like it came straight from Ikea. Instead of the traditional
coffee table that was here, the ottoman has storage and a table if you need it. The cabins all attempt to maximize the limited space that there is, providing flexible storage for luggage and power and USB outlets in key places. But even with these space-saving tricks, it’s still a cramped space. Ship design is a really tricky thing. You want to pack as many
people in as you can but you want them to feel comfortable, feel like they’re in a spacious cabin even though they’re in small space. You want varied activities all over to disperse people throughout the ship. But all that comes at a cost: weight. You can’t have a ship that’s overweight. – So the key limiting
factor to our new features is really due to naval architecture, a problem we have. We are working volumes and we are working with
weight on the ships. Weight impacts the stability of the ships or the ships rolls and
come back to the middle. And the more weight you
put to the top of the ship, less stability you have. – The Mardi Gras is set
to sail in late 2020. But for Mr. Clement and his team, the innovation process continues. – They will continue, yes. We (mumbles) working, we have a second ship of this class. I’m very excited for the, as we’re working on right now. And then we always continuing to not only the next ships, but we are trying to have
visions for what’s next in maybe 10 years. So you need to keep this open mind to see what will be
the ship of the future. (marimba music)

68 thoughts on “Carnival’s Largest Cruise Ship Ever: How It Fits 6,000 People | WSJ

  1. I’m curious if they’re implementing any new technologies to reduce its carbon footprint compared to previous ships.


  3. Lets watch how much carbon these ships produce…. for the 80% of you with an active netflix subscription….

  4. The people complaining in the comments should either just stay home or either find you a boring cruise line to travel on some people actually do enjoy having fun without all the negativity behind it

  5. Excited to see Carnival Corporation leading the way in LNG for cruise ships. ( almost zero emissions )

    Cargo ships have used it for decades but figuring out how to convert it to 6,000 passengers ( cabins, shows, kitchens, etc ) and all their needs is an great advance.

    Carnival Corp have 8 more ordered . But it is expensive , so other cruise lines have not followed to that degree.

  6. For all the crying about how polluting it is, remember that it is taking more than 6000 cars off the road for a week, so I think the amount it pollutes is negligible.

  7. Technically that is NOT a roller coaster. the Ride Vehicles are powered and thus it is more similar to a motion simulator or a flat ride. Yes, I know Maurer Rides (who makes the Spike Coaster) calls it a roller coaster, but a true roller coaster gets its power either through gravity or launch systems, not as a continuous thing.

  8. Let's not be sending these beasts to fragile places like Venice. Have some respect for the actual destination and choose carefully.

  9. I wonder if this one has those stupid inside balconies? I'd prefer an ocean view cabin rather than an inside balcony……I was on a 2000 passenger ship two months ago, and it was OK. Next spring I'm on a 4000 passenger ship. I can't imagine what 6000 would be like.

  10. I wonder why they tell people to care about the environment when these large ships pollute the ocean more than cars.

  11. I didn't hear a disclaimer from this actor. Carnival asked him to come to Finland ( FREE) He went from reporter to a paid actor. This is a 4:26 second commercial for carnival. 👎💩 That we got suckered by our interest in anything being the largest. Shamefully played carnival.

  12. Ships are getting too big and don't feel like cruises anymore. It's more like going to a big mall and being inside a food court walking around the inside of the ship. I like the smaller ships much better, you get to know your cruisemates and don't lost in the masses. I was on the Horizon , they have an Imax theatre instead of the beautiful Atrium that the older ships have.

  13. They have to make sure to be prepared if an emergency were to occur. They need to be able to get all of 6,000 people off the ship.

  14. The way they described some things really makss me uneasy on this ship, like dangerous… i dont think this ship is going to go well , we'll see i guess.

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