Caribbean dreaming.. this is BOAT LIFE in tropical Antigua! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 147

Caribbean dreaming.. this is BOAT LIFE in tropical Antigua! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 147

– Just get in the bed, you nong. (laughing) (upbeat music) Oh, this dude’s foiling. Got the wrong part sent out. – Oh my God. (music) Last Monday, we said goodbye
to our pal, Matthieu, after a week of practising and filming. We beached our boat,
which is pretty awesome, and then a broken boom
meant we would have to put sailing on hold for awhile. So, we’re motoring around Falmouth. It’s about 1300 miles away. We couldn’t even sail just with a headsail because we’re bending into it right now. It would take all day to get there. But yeah, we’re going to Falmouth because that’s where the gooseneck, the new parts gonna get delivered to, to our friends Krystal and
Georgia Yacht Services. (gentle acoustic music) And I’ll just show you the broken part, the broken gooseneck. Why do they call it a gooseneck? – ‘Cause it swings the
boom around like a neck. – Aw, well that makes sense. (gentle acoustic music) This is a really tight anchorage. All the boats are facing
different directions. Apparently, there’s been
weird wind and currents according to one of the guys I just asked. That looks so cool from
underwater, those waves. (gentle acoustic music) – [Riley] You are like the
worst throw I have ever seen. – Ready, set. – [Riley] Three, that’s three shots. – Eh, it’s hard. It’s a weird angle. Oh yes. (rap music) Lights out We just got absolutely
drenched coming into town. The boys seem very
happy with the tropical. It’s the first tropical rain we’ve had. It actually is, isn’t it? – [Man] It’s a squall. – But I’m not too happy. I hate being wet in clothes. This isn’t right. – You’re a sook. – I can be a sook if I want. Can’t all be rainbow and butterflies. We had so much fun going to town. We got soaking wet. (laughing) (upbeat music) – We did a little shopping
and picked up our mail. Once we got back to the
boat we could fix the boom and look at leaving the
island in the next day or so when the weather would be in our favour. (upbeat music) There’s a painter. (whistling) Looks like they’re painting it. That’s the old part, which was
completely snapped off there. And that’s the new part, which
we ain’t getting through. That’s about 16mm. and that’s about 14mm So, as always been my experience we’ve got the wrong part
sent out the first time. That second time we could be lucky. I’ve got something to tell you, Elayna. – Oh oh, what? – [Riley] The part doesn’t fit. – No. – [Riley] Uh-huh. – Liar. – [Riley] Why would I lie and film it? – How do you know it doesn’t fit? – [Riley] Well, ’cause I
just went and checked it. – Did you? – [Riley] Uh-huh. – Oh my God. What are we gonna do? – [Riley] Make sure
that it’s a down winder and just run the headsail. – You wanna? – [Riley] Yeah. – We’re not gonna be
able to sail very much. Okay. – There was a miscommunication
over boat diamonds, which was probably my fault and it was mended. In the next few days, we’d be
leaving with half a sailboat. Having a genuine problem
to fix for the first time on the new La Vagabonde
actually reminded me of the old La Vagabonde
where I would spend a lot of time doing that sort of stuff. In the meantime, we did have
a few more little jobs to do, but firstly we’d be drowning
our sorrows in the ocean with some free dive. (fast acoustic music) This guy is still alive. He was kicking around in the
rocks with a hook in his mouth. (fast acoustic music) Oh, this dude’s foiling. (fast acoustic music) Get her. (fast acoustic music) There we go. I’ve got no idea if I’m gonna be in focus or what on earth is going
to be going on here. So, I thought I’d start
writing my book again. So, I snuck off the boat and
came down to this beach here, and start typing away. I started writing one back in, I don’t know what year it was. It was a fair while ago now, but the first time I broke my neck and I figured because
of the Atlantic crossing and what happened I dug up
what I’d written before, read a bit of it, which wasn’t very good. I was younger and I want
to change a lot of it, but it’s a great start. And I’d like to sort of continue, build on what I wrote before. For the last part of the
crossing I wrote quite a bit, and I’m gonna keep going and
see what I can come up with. ♪ Paperback writer ♪ This is my new mate I met, Mike. How you doing man? – Good, good. – [Riley] Good. – Yeah. – [Riley] And what’s your name dude? – Sylvester. – [Riley] Sylvester. And you’ve been getting a few lobster? – Yeah, and fish as well. – [Riley] Yeah, nice. You head out pretty regularly or? – No. – [Riley] No. – Not really. – Once a blue moon. – [Riley] Yeah, yeah. – Yeah. – [Riley] You just got
a booger there mate. They are pretty small, aren’t they? What’s this one? Are you gonna eat that? – [Mike] Yeah, that’s the shellfish. – [Riley] Yeah. – We stuff it with
(speech muffled by waves) and cook it like steam and then
they eat it from the inside. – Okay, well done. Great I wouldn’t even think to shoot that. (laughing) That just looks. It doesn’t look too good. So, I just had a little session
heading home to the boat, and I think that we are
gonna be having the snapper that I found hooked today on the rock. That’ll be diner. That looks pretty fantastic. (mumbles) – I hope it taste fantastic. – [Riley] What do you call that? – That’s fish– (mumbles) This fish sort of got lucky
getting away from the hook and then. – [Riley] I think we did the right thing. – I think so too. ♪ Night and day, you are the one ♪ – Oh, there’s an eyeballs. Yuck. Look, it just popped out. (laughing) – [Riley] It did. – [Elayna] Ew. ♪ Whether near to me, or far ♪ ♪ It makes no difference where are you ♪ ♪ I think of you night and day ♪ ♪ Day and night, why is it so ♪ ♪ That this longing for
you follows wherever I go ♪ ♪ In the roaring traffic’s boom ♪ All right, give me the rundown. – Trying to get into the
U.S. is nearly as difficult as it is trying to get into Australia. So, we called up the American Consulate and said, “Hey, we’re
citizens of the world.” (laughing) I’m not 100% sure that we’re hooked in. Thank you. Thanks for your help. I’ll do the rest of it online. Okay. Is that okay? Okay. Thank you very much. (mumbles) No, I said, “Is there
any way around this?” She said, “No.” So, we have to go and
get photographs taken. Then we need to fill out the visas, which I’ve done mine. Elayna needs to do hers. And we’ll send them off. Once they’re sent off
Barbados will give us a time when we can go there. Then we need to book a flight to Barbados. Hand in the visas. Get them all signed off. Sit an interview. – [Elayna] Continue. – We don’t want to sail to Barbados. It’s 300 miles in the wrong direction. We want to be going– – [Elayna] And against the tread winds. – So, we want to be going to Florida to meet up with our patrons. So, we need to meet them
and we’ve committed to that. And we’re very much looking forward to it. So, somewhere along the way
we’re gonna have to stop, put the boat in a marina
and book a flight, which is really annoying, but whatever, we’ll get it done. – I’ve cracked it. There’s way too many
hard questions in there. And Riley left me to go and get a coffee, and I got stuck, so I’m not going up. – So many hard questions. Do you think to engage in espionage, sabotage, export control violations or any other illegal activity, Elayna? Are you a terrorist? Do you represent any of the terrorist? Do you engage in genocide,
torture, other acts of violence? These are all pretty standard, all those apart from
the child soldier one. I wonder how many people got tripped up with these questions. No, no, no, no. Oh, you got me. Okay. Here’s all our documents. Do you I look my passport photo? (laughing) No, he’s been charged
with attempted murder. That’s apparently not very funny. Done. – The deck light on. I told the boys to meet me at the front for date night. – So, a nice relaxing end to an otherwise pretty difficult and
stressful day, Elayna. U.S. visa difficulties and
broken boom difficulties, import, duty, customs
official difficulties. You can always rely on the front deck. – And friends. – [Riley] And the deck light. – And food. (mumbles) Um, I was thinking we’ve
never been to the outside, and I can hear music. It doesn’t really sound like good music, but I was thinking we should drive over to the other side of the
bay and check it out. (laughing) You are actually pregnant. – Let’s go into town, Elayna. (laughing) (joyful music) (mumbles) Probably ’cause all the windows are open. (joyful music) All right, let’s just see where we are. a little reef but I reckon we’ll be alright – [Riley] Geez, you’ve come
a long way since Tahiti, haven’t you darling? (laughing) – What did you say? – Elayna. Elayna crashed into a. I should leave you alone
without this part now. I said all right we can go snorkelling with your girlfriends,
but you need to make sure that wherever we’re going is totally fine. Now what happened? – Yeah, well I wanted to go snorkelling, and I was taking everyone to a spot that someone had just told us about. Anyway, I said I knew where I was going off some rough directions from someone, and we ran straight into a reef. I am in a bit of trouble at the moment because we went diving, and I
said I know where I was going, and I didn’t. And Riley was driving the tender and we ran into some reef
going really quickly. The props broken. We don’t know what’s wrong with it, but we’re gonna sort it
out tomorrow hopefully. – The moral of the story being
she didn’t check navionics, which after I asked her to, but she brought over there
tonight and I’m very proud. Very proud of you, aren’t I darling? (laughing) This is probably gonna be the
Crab Hole up here, Elayna. – Yeah, I hope it is a Crab Hole. What’s the Crab Hole? – Do you wanna go and have a beer? Crab hole is gonna be
the coolest named pub in all of the Caribbean. I know I’ve driven passed it
about three or four times, and I always yell out, “Oh,
it’s the Crab Hole, Elayna.” And now we’re gonna go there tonight. – [Elayna] Fancy. Oh nice. – [Riley] Come on. – You’re like a boss. There’s some fancy boats around here. Huge, every single one of them. I didn’t realise this was
like a super yacht place. Look at the water colour. That’s crazy. (mumbles) – Yeah. – [Man] You guys just get here today? – [Man] Tell him no. – [Man] Yep. (mumbles) – Yeah mate. – [Man] Awesome. – The security guard whilst talking to him and he’s like blah, blah,
blah, “What boat are you on?” And I was going I remember
the name of one of the boats that we walked passed, the big one, and I was like, “Claire.” And he goes, “Yeah, okay man. Yeah, come on.” And he directed us to the Crab Hole that’s just up here, I hope. – And he said to look
out for crazy drivers this time of night on this road. (crickets chirping) – Is that the Crab Hole? – [Riley] No. – Yeah, this is the Crab Hole. Tell me they don’t have shirts. They have. (mumbles) They have Crab Hole shirts, then you know it’s lite. – It’s a liquor shop. We thought it was a bar. – I think it is outside. There’s tables outside. – I think, that’s where
you take your takeaways and get smashed. Drink half of them before you take them to your mates. This is it. – [Elayna] Look. Here you go. There’s the seating. This is the bar. – [Riley] It’s not a pub. – [Elayna] Happy date night. – Don’t get the cheers.
– Date night. – That’s so cheesy. – [Elayna] Happy date night everyone. – Get the cheers. Cheers. – [Elayna] Your hair looks ridiculous. – Yours does. (laughing) – I’m sorry. I have to tease you every
time you wash your hair. It does look funny. So, Steffan spotted us
some crabs around the Crab Hole, and there seems to be some ditches, which I’m guessing gets some
water every now and then when there’s rain, so maybe that’s why they
call it the Crab Hole, the Crab Hole because of all the crabs. What do you think about that Riles? – Well, I completely agree. – [Elayna] Do ya? – Yeah. – [Elayna] I’m pretty smart. Mila. Meow. Mila, Mila (singing and drumming) Hey. – I hate cats. (laughing) – What kind of a jump should I do? – [Riley] Just get in the bed, you know. (laughing) – I don’t know what that was. What’d you pick? It’s gonna be something stupid, isn’t it? Isn’t it? No. – [Man] It does a 400 pound (mumbles). – I’m not watching this sci-fi. Really? (mumbles) – [Riley] This is so good. – [Elayna] You agree that it’s bad. – It’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen. – [Elayna] Can we turn it off? – It’s still better than
most of the ones you watch. – [Elayna] Are you trying
to prove a point to me? – Yep. – [Elayna] Well, point’s proven. Can we please change it? – No, it’s my turn to chose one tonight ’cause we’re both gonna play this game. (laughing) – [Elayna] Payback baby. – [Man] Ah yeah. Yeah. – [Man] Somewhere down
there’s the shuttle. – [Elayna] What happened? – Uh, this is a crowded anchorage. I should write a song
called crowded anchorage. (laughing) – Nice explanation, Riley. So, this is. (mumbles) – [Riley] It’s not. It’s tight. – So, it’s 4 a.m. and this
small sailboat came in and anchored pretty close
to us in the afternoon, and I thought because
it’s so calm that anchor was definitely not where
they thought it was and they’ve anchored super close to us. And Stephan woke us up because they were how many metres from the back of the boat? – [Stephan] Maybe one or two. – Yeah. That was so close.
– [Stephan] I mean, I could’ve jumped on the boat. – It sounds to me like they
don’t know where to move. They were just like it
is shallow around here? – I should not be up right now. – Great start to the day. Here’s what’s coming up next week. A new adventure west doesn’t disappoint. We’re taking one of our favourite places and embrace the elements. (gentle acoustic music)

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