Captain Cook!? – Free Range Sailing Ep 101

Captain Cook!? – Free Range Sailing Ep 101

– [Pascale] Chef Troy. – Yep, the blue moon just rose. (chuckling) I’m locker mining at the moment. – [Pascale] Yeah it
looks hectic down there. – Yeah it is a little bit. (water splashing) (calm guitar music) ♪ Wide open spaces ♪ ♪ Red Rock ♪ ♪ Quenching water ♪ ♪ Sea for miles ♪ (fish sizzling)
♪ Watching time pass ♪ Well we set out to sail from Fitzroy Reef back to Keppels and we’re expecting some wind, but it died out midday. So we’ve stopped here and what are we having now Pasky? Bit of trout? – Frying up a little bit of coral trout from Fitzroy Reef. (laughing) – So we’ve stopped here we’re at Wistari Reef at the moment. No spear fishing here. It’s a closed area, but we’re gonna go and launch the dingy we’ll go for a bit of a drift dive and we’ll see what’s
happening in the channel. (upbeat music) (solemn piano music) ♪ It’s all ocean deep ♪ ♪ Too hard it seems ♪ ♪ To hold but it got under my nails ♪ ♪ From scratchin’ at my door ♪ ♪ Howlin’ outside ♪ ♪ Is that my darling ♪ ♪ You are ♪ ♪ Oh my god you’ve been for good ♪ ♪ Well I’ve come shake
me ’til I feel nothing ♪ ♪ No hope no fear ♪ ♪ And to this damn flashin’ on my name ♪ ♪ And to this damn flash for my name ♪ ♪ And to this damn latch for my name ♪ (intense piano music) ♪ I have fallin’ ♪ ♪ I have fallin’ asleep ♪ ♪ Upon a field where so ♪ ♪ Whom shall find me ♪ ♪ And dance with me ♪ ♪ Until ♪ ♪ We reach ♪ ♪ The shore ♪ (funky techno music) – [Pascale] Chef Troy. – Yep the blue moon just rose. – [Pascale] That looks like
ghee with a lot of potatoes. – It looks like potatoes
with a lot of ghee. Well, madame what we are having
tonight, a good bit ghee. I dry roasted some cumin first, and then, I just flashed off some tumeric and about two tablespoons of ghee. And now I’m just shallow
frying these potatoes until they’re tender maybe a little bit crunchy. Then I’m gonna stir
through these chickpeas. Maybe dig up some masa fritata. Masa fritita. And then we’ll top it off
with some tomatoes and yogurt and serve it up with some, what’s this? Quinoa, what do you think? – [Pascale] Sounds delicious. – All right so there’s the
chickpeas they just went in. And what I didn’t mention before is just before I put in the tomatoes I’m gonna put in some cardamom and grate in some nutmeg. Might even put some cinnamon. Have we got any? – [Pascale] Yeah we’ve got cinnamon. – So this will be a little bit
of a sweet-ish sort of dish. Sweet-ish, not Swedish. Yeah, so, nutmeg,
cinnamon, bit of cardamom. And we’ll throw some tomatoes at it and we’ll let it stew for a little while. And then top it off with some yogurt and we’ll serve it up. And then hopefully the wind will be back and we can sail on. – [Pascale] Dinner is ready. – Quinoa and curry for everybody. I decided against tomato
in the end, Pascale. I just thought we’d have a creamy curry. – [Pascale] Yum sounds great. – [Troy] Does it pass the Pasky test? – Yep, sure does. – You’re just saying that
so I’ll cook more often. (laughing) Well, unfortunately, we’ve
gotta go up the mast. So, we’re planning on going for a bit of a night sail tonight. So I was just checking the nav lights and of course you can only really see if your sailing light’s going in the dark. So, I’ve discovered that it’s not on. It’s dark. So I better go up the mast. It’s been playing up a little bit lately and I don’t know whether
it’s corroded contact or an LED that’s going out but we’re just gonna put
a brand new in there. (funky upbeat music) Well this is a old-timey
halogen light up there. So, I think what it was was there’s a bit of corrosion
on these contacts so I can get some wet and dry we’ll clean all that up I’ll clean all my greasy
finger prints off this glass with some methylated spirits and we’ll keep it as a spare. The LED I put up there will mean that we, we, we probably won’t
use quite as many amps to run our navigation light
when we’re sailing now. Okay, fixed. – [Pascale] The wind
arrived a few hours later and we were underway on
a fast paced beam run under the light of the moon. (heavy base techno music) By dawn, the wind had
increased to 25 knots. (heavy base techno music) We were making such good speed we decided on a brief
return to civilization to get a few chores done. This is a volcanic plug. It was formed when lava hardened within an ancient volcanic vent. When the surrounding rock eroded away it was left behind just like it was turned out of a mold. (laughing) Right well, we made it
to the Keppel Bay Marina. We’re not really marina
people as you know but, it is good to come in and do some laundry that’s normally the main
thing we like to do. I’ve go three lots of sheets here to wash, so I’m going to be pretty busy
for the next couple of hours. Let’s hope I get it all done. (upbeat techno music) One thing we like to clean
as well is cushion covers. These things that we made
when we left Free Mantle. They’re still hanging in there
they’re just navy canvas. They get quite salty cause we sit on them to do all our computer work and eat our meals, so. Time to wash them again. (upbeat techno music) I’m a little bit out of luck. There’s four washing
machines in this marina and there’s not a single one free. Well I might not’ve had much of a win but looks like you’ve had a win. – Does my face look like I’m winning? – [Pascale] Well, a little bit. (chuckling) You’ve built a box! – I’m using, last time we did fiber glass we did the stitch and glue method. This time we’re using
the glue on glue method. So I just made that little box, hot glued it together and now I’m going to resin it together so, we’ve got the last of the epoxy. We went and bought a bunch of talcum powder as thickener. I know, I know but we’re gonna use it. And we’ll see how we go. But everything’s sort of everywhere so, I’m mining, I’m locker mining at the moment. – [Pascale] Yeah it
looks hectic down there. – Yeah it is a little bit. – [Pascale] We’re
running against the clock because we want to use the good weather to go out to the reef. – We want to use the good weather. We pulled into Rosslyn Bay Marina and it’s a really great marina but it’s incredibly social. (laughing) We keep meaning to get jobs done, but there’s so many friendly people here that it’s actually making
it quite difficult. The friendly people you find, we just want to spend time with them. We’ve been invited for
a nice dinner tonight and then we can work afterwards. – Yeah so we’re gonna have dinner at the Waterline Restaurant. Right at the end of our marina arm. A real highlight of our live aboard life is to be able to swap stories,
experiences, and information with other like-minded cruisers. (bright guitar music) – [Troy] What’d you think, Pascale? – Very excited, I haven’t had a steak in a long time. – [Troy] What have you got? – Filet steak with seasonal
vegetables and new potatoes. And I shouldn’t be playing with my cutlery Mum would get mad. (laughing) – It’s the tenderist steak I’ve ever had. – [Pascale] Really? – Yeah, it’s awesome. Unbelievable. – [Pascale] That’s a big call. – It’s delicious. (upbeat music) What’s the story there, Pascale? – It’s Chris to the rescue. – [Troy] Yep, we couldn’t get
the washing done at the marina so we’ve, we’ve found one of our fans! – Yeah! – [Troy] Who happens to be a
one eyed, Yeppoon supporter definitely aren’t ya? – Yeah absolutely. Unashamedly Coastal Front, that’s my business and my boat so yeah. This is our little red neck retreat. You’re welcome here any time. If you come back through we’ll do your lot, your
laundry, absolutely. – [Troy] All right so
we’re gonna bang on washing and then we’re just gonna go
have a look around your poon. – They’ve even offered to do it for us and drop it round tomorrow which is quite outrageous. – [Troy] It is isn’t it? – That’s just the way we are. – [Pascale] Chris and his wife
Debby were the perfect hosts. And kept us entertained with a stream of stories about their lives in America. And now in Yeppoon. One of the places they
took us to was Wreck Point. This spot gets it’s name
from the ship Selina that was found washed up here crewless, but still with it’s cargo of cedar timber. After it went missing
on it’s maiden voyage from Brisbane to Sydney. Over the 15 months that she was missing it is suspected that the
Selina drifted around on the currents of the Tasman Sea. Probably southing all the
way to the Victoria coastline before drifting eastwards
towards New Zealand, and then north to her final
resting place in Yeppoon. A salvage attempt of the
Selina off the beach in 1848 was unfortunately unsuccessful. (wind chime music) This is the stunning public
infinity pool in Yeppoon. Entry is free all year round. (calm chime music) (upbeat techno music) 22 bars of chocolate. (laughing) Chocolate was on special when
I was doing our order online. Which is pretty amazing. It’s provisioning made easy now. With the joys of online shopping. And they delivered it to the marina and even the lady was so lovely and kind she brought the boxes all
the way down to our boat so it was probably the
easiest provisioning I’ve ever done on my rule. And it was good because it was a big order and we ordered lots of things so we don’t have to go and get essentials when we pull into ports along the way. (upbeat techno music) So you’ve built a box. What’s the box for? – I thought we just don’t
have enough storage on here so I’d just build another box. (laughing) Now we’ll pop this over the anchor wench next time we’re in some heavy water. And it might stop some
of the water going down in the anchor locker and splashing around the machinery space and stuff like that. – [Pascale] What about the butt plug? – The butt plug? People loved it when I called
it a butt plug, didn’t they? So, the holes not the
right size in butt plug. We’ve enlarged that just like the wench manufacturers wanted. Yeah we wanted to try
and keep a small hole a year ago. But we’ve enlarged it and
it’s opened up a few other, what do you call it? Options? Open up a few other options? And we’ll cover that, you know we’re about to do some anchoring demonstrations and stuff like that, so we’ll look at that. But yeah, keeping water out of the
boat has become harder so we’ve got this little
box and we’ll put it over, and if it works fine then
I’ll sand it and paint it, because it is epoxied so UV will in time break down this epoxy. So, we’ll paint it eventually, but I want to give it a bit of a trial run before I invest too much
more time and effort into it. To be honest it hasn’t really taken that much time and effort has it? Most of the time it involves waiting for the epoxy to dry. But we’ll give it a strength test. (funky bass guitar music) – [Pascale] We hope you
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