(upbeat music) [Tip 1: Identify an educated
and experienced boat driver.] [Kristen Hullum, RN] – It’s really important that
the person who’s operating the boat be experienced in driving a boat. They should’ve completed
a boating safety course, and of course always remain sober. [Tip 2: Be mindful of the boat itself.] There’re a couple of
dangers on the boat itself. Be very mindful when the propeller is on. The engine should be completely
killed whenever people are getting in and out of
the boat for recreation. When the engine is running
there are also risks for carbon monoxide, so
be mindful that people are not hanging around
the back of the boat while the engine is running. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and it can render you unconscious. [Tip 3: Wear a life jacket.] The greatest thing that you
can do to keep yourself safe on a boat is to wear a
life jacket at all times. Those who are under the
age of 13 are required to wear a life jacket at all times, but even adults need to
have a life jacket on. In the event of an
emergency if you are ejected from the boat you may not have
time to grab a life jacket. Be sure to choose a U.S.
Coast Guard life jacket that fits you appropriately. These are just two examples
of U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets for boating. This is for a child based on their weight, and this is for an adult
based on chest measurement. [Where can I go for more information?] For more information on
how to stay safe on boats, and wear a proper life
jacket, please visit our Saint David’s Healthcare
blog at LiveHealthyAustin.com. [St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center]

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