Best Cruises for Kids | What Cruise Line is Best For Children

Best Cruises for Kids | What Cruise Line is Best For Children

best cruises for kids so you’re
wondering what the best cruises are for kids well in my opinion really got three choices you’ve got
Disney cruises Carnival Cruises in Royal Caribbean
cruises all the other cruise lines just don’t cater to the kids like these
32 so first let’s talk let’s talk about Disney cruises Disney
basically does everything right when it comes to the kids the newer ships Disney has our
state-of-the-art they have all the bells and whistles
you’ve got the awesome water slides access to great movies the Disney
characters you know Disney does things the right
way you really can’t go wrong with the
Disney Cruise however there are there are currently only four Disney
ships in the fleet so you will need to book early and Disney Cruise are typically more
expensive than some of the other cruise lines so next let’s talk about carnival in
Royal Caribbean I’ve been on both cruise lines and their
very comparable when it comes to the kids Carnival has some newer ships like the
caramel magic show here that has many great features like that
with the water zone area sports courts that the mini golf in the
ropes course a great outdoor movie area and of course
you know great kids clothes we can drop them off and go out have a good time with your spouse %um my kids love the
ship but I will say that the newer ships
definitely have more kids amenities than some of the older credible ships so you
need to consider that Carnival is a great value so if you can
find a newer car dealership Best Cruises For Kids is Royal Caribbean however they they do
have the two bigger ships in the world in the Oasis
of the Seas in the allure of the Seas which were just incredible be ships have
the the awesome outdoor water theater you
know they’ve got the floor rider they’ve got the rock walls ice rink in
all the other amenities a car dealership however these two Royal Caribbean ships
will be more expensive in there will be a ton of people on the
ship’s the ships are huge so overall I
personally would recommend going on a Disney cruise
if you can swing it financially in your kids are still the age where
they like Disney second I would try the try for the Oasis with your from Royal
Caribbean but once again if I can afford it but I
think the best value would be a Carnival cruise but one up
their newer ships like the caramel magic or the breeze you
know so you get the the best kids amenities that credible
has to offer you know in the newer ships so I think
overall when in doubt you also wanna go for that new worship find out when the
ship was built and they’re bound to have the best kids
amenities on the ship so hope this helps in if you
wanna go over to crew secrets exposed are calm now you’re
fine access to some great cruising information that everyone should know before the cruise
to just go on in clicked on the link down the Description box and have a great day Best cruises for kids

63 thoughts on “Best Cruises for Kids | What Cruise Line is Best For Children

  1. Just came back from the Norwegian Breakaway and my kids (14 and 10) thought it was the best cruise yet. They have been on 4 Carnival cruises and this was the first NCL. Lots of things for kids.

  2. I went on the royal Caribbean enchantment of the seas Trust me I got seasick the first day ๐Ÿ™ lol its cool tho. Lol

  3. to me carnival is the best criuse line the world . and then norwegian and disney . they are tops they are the best.

  4. to me carnival is the best criuse line the world . and then norwegian and disney . they are tops they are the best.

  5. I think Royal Caribbean is the best value all-around for kids cruises. Their prices can be as low as Carnival and they have 25 ships in their fleet now (more than any other brand) so you can find the right itinerary. RCL has by far the biggest ships, and not just the Oasis Class (which there will soon be 4 of) but Quantum and Freedom Class ships (soon to be 7 of) are also bigger than almost anything out there. With this size comes WAY more options and amenities for everyone, including kids. Also, its been my experience that the bigger the ship the better quality the entertainment. Disney is good, but like the video says is just way too overpriced when you compare what you actually get in their experience to what RCL offers. RCL partners with Dreamworks so they also have characters on board.

  6. I've been on 3 cruises so far
    Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Breeze, And Navigator of the Seas. We will probably go on Harmony of the Seas

  7. i want to take my first family cruise. I have two kids.. 2 years old and 5 years old. I dont know which cruise to pick. I want something for kids but also for adults for my husband and I.. Disney, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival? HELP!!!!!!!!!

  8. The NCL Epic,Getaway,Breakaway are awesome ships for kids. Many deal are were the kids under 17 go free. Or the 3rd and 4th person are free. NCL is a much better value.

  9. I want to take my son on Disney but he will be 14 is this too old and how much do you think I need to save for a 2017 cruise

  10. So the Disney Cruise has a kids area that's for ages 3-12, a tweens area for ages 11-14 and a teens area for ages 14-17 if I'm not mistaken while the Carnival Cruise has a kids area for ages 2-11, a tweens area for ages 12-14 and a teens area for ages 15-17 but don't know about the Royal Caribbean.

  11. I've been studying cutting costs during cruises and discovered a fantastic website at Carls Cruise Cutter (check it out on google)

  12. Disney is the best and we actually just went on one in July and I have a couple videos (not great but o well) on my channel.

  13. 2:20 I'm 15 and I'm still "at that age" where I still like Disney. I actually adore Disney, and yet I've never been on a Disney Cruise before.

  14. what about princess cruises' diamond princess?There youth staff is for 3-12 whit art activities and children can play xbox and PS4 on teen staff,they have table tennis, air hockey ,board games and wii

  15. How is royal Caribbean in this switch that with Norwegian
    Royal Caribbean is waaaay to fancy for kids and have very little kid activities

  16. You really have to factor cost into this equation. Disney isn't just more expensive. It is substantially more expensive.

  17. I don't understand how Royal Caribbean is more expensive than Carnival, because I have sailed on Quantum of the Seas and Carnival Magic, and they were both about the same price.

  18. I hate when people say โ€œif your kids still like Disneyโ€. At what age do you stop liking Disney? Iโ€™m an adult and I love Disney. I love it and I love watching my kids love it too.

  19. I have spent months researching into spending less on cruise trips and found an awesome resource at Voyage Magic Method (check it out on google)

  20. My family loves to travel on Royal Caribbean! We've been on Oasis and did like it, but love the smaller ships.

  21. What is this based on? Funnily enough, Disney is not all that good for 'kids'. Might be greaat for babies and toddlers, but when they get up to 6+….forget it…..there are much better ships out there with really fantastic kids programmes.
    Royal Caribbean also doesnt have the best kids clubs. Yes, they have lots to do in the way of activities such as ice skating….but specifically for kids? Nope….no where near the best
    Suggest some proper research

  22. exactly, so if you'd like information on ways to save money on carnival cruises take a look at Debuncar Cruise Saver Aid (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? my brother in law recommended it decent

  23. I am 13 yes and I flew w8th both of my parents all the way to Seattle,Washington, to get on a cruise to Alaska right, and when w got on the Carnival legend….it looked big on the inside and on the outside but it was actually pretty anal when we got 9be day in and I was so bored and there were only about 5 or 6 kids on the boat and there was a reason… was a bucket-list cruise only people that can save enough money (like old people) to go to Alaska could go on that cruise! There were no party but they tried the sail away party SUCKED their wasn't enough room on the lido deck….it still was boring but I still have a lollipop from like 5 months ago(w went in July)!

  24. While Disney, Royal and Carnival are indeed family friendly you left out SO many great options and choices that many families would enjoy

  25. We used P&O and it was awesome my son loved it so much, heโ€™s 6 we made whole video out of it. Hope this helps you

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