Beer Advent Day 8 Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb Craft Beer Review

Beer Advent Day 8 Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb Craft Beer Review

Welcome back everybody so today is day 8
of the beer Advent tree I did pour it and the dog started going crazy down by
the camera so I had to make sure everything was still set so I just did
the intro again I just poured it I haven’t even drank it so this is juice
bomb by sloop brewing um the first one I had from them was no Santa and Kyle did
send this one also from No Hype Beer reviews no hype beer reviews and 2TEN90
cent beers to Jessica and she made this I didn’t know until I got it that they
sent beer and she was making it so it was a surprise and this is day 8 so on
the can it does have the 6.5 percent ABV they are calling this in the appeal ale
juice bomb all the citrusy juicy flavors of American hops can dog date is 11 21
18 so about 5 weeks old untappd is saying this is a New England IPA cool
can it does have a orange that’s cut into a bomb so my guess is we are gonna
get big citrus flavors but like I said I did pour it I didn’t smell it nothing
like that before the dog started going crazy what had we do have left is white
it’s almost like if he took orange juice and shook it up real hard and then
poured it into a glass that’s like the white layer that I’m seeing the bubbles
are very small that are left I do have a couple medium on the side color is very
orange juice maybe a little bit lighter than orange juice maybe a little bit
watered down very hazy I can’t see through this thing at all let’s go ahead
and get a smell dink hops dink citrus hops almost like a
candy citrus like candied orange because I’m gonna say that because that’s what’s
on the can like a candy sweetness orange dank smell smells good let’s go ahead
and taste a little bit of citrus sweetness upfront de cops
like fresh pulled from the vine hop very smooth not a lot of bitterness in
this one at all just nice subtle sweet citrus and dank and gone aftertaste is
more of like a bitter rhyme from an orange yeah
not nothing is really sticking out to me like usually in these you’re gonna get
at least what I get in a very good New England IPA is almost like a yeast taste
or like a yeast taste miss mixed with a juice bomb or something like that I
really don’t get that out of this it’s more subtle I do get some juice in there
now but yeah sweet citrus with a tiny bit of juice upfront goes back into like
a dank hop then aftertaste is more of that bitter that writing bitterness in
there very smooth medium body I would probably have to go with a four
out of five on this one I want a little bit more like if this I don’t know what
the cost of this is but this is one like I’m not I’m just saying like m-43 I
would drink you know all the time I could see this being one just to drink
all the time because it’s not really gonna wreck your palate but it’s
something you can drink because like some four pack six packs as you get into
them you just don’t want that same flavor over and over and this is kind of
on the light side where you know you’re drinking it it’s got some flavor but
it’s not really punching you in your face or something so sweet that you’d be
like okay one and I’m done I could drink a four pack six pack of this just fine
good head on that last pour that I did put into the glass I’m starting to get
some peaks and valleys from the bubbles and stuff yeah solid four out of five on this one
if we check on tap five of my friends have had this average 4.0 five out of
five 36,000 people have rated this average four point zero four so for that
many people to rate it a little over a four definitely if you’re in the New
England IPAs or beers like this definitely want to pick up and try and
nobody left juicy IPA and burrito good combination
okay light crispy little juicy that you know that’s kind of what I would say but
I think it brings a little bit more i I think that dankness really helps it out
but as a four out of five I would like to see some more flavors in there but
yeah definitely a good beer and thanks to no height for sending less to Jessica
so if you like this video thumbs up if you don’t thumbs down make sure you hit
that subscribe button and ring that Bell and until next time happy brewing

5 thoughts on “Beer Advent Day 8 Sloop Brewing Juice Bomb Craft Beer Review

  1. Have you had this beer? If so let me know what you think about it in the comments below. If you have not had this beer would this be one that you would pick up and try?

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  2. I typically dig what Sloop has, but this one of their few "Bomb" offerings that I haven't had. Their Down Under Bomb was delicious, as was the Citra Bombs. This one sounds uber drinkable, which is never a bad thing.

    Nice review, dude.


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