Bananagins on top of Ascension Island! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 160

Bananagins on top of Ascension Island! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 160

100 thoughts on “Bananagins on top of Ascension Island! – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 160

  1. LOL good you replied  i have , commented earlier but you did not replied so I thought let me criticise it worked……………..L I K E ?    I LIKED IT   Bro take it easy  I have been seeing your videos since the beginning . Happy sailing.   your friend from Bombay.

  2. Oh my days Liz well done on saving those baby turtles!
    We love the feel of Delos videos, awesome edits, great footage and some sweeeet banter!

  3. Hey Delos Crew, any thoughts about a sailing you tube channel raft up party now that most (if not all) of the top ten are in the Caribbean? I'd bet you could probably get a company like Bacardi to sponsor a large event…a come one come all you tubers event?

  4. Careful Brian. at 6:22 Some pallet wood is full of carcinogenic chemicals like Methyl Bromide.
    There are some additional codes that can go on pallets but the main one to watch out for is MB. It means it was treated with Methyl Bromide. If you don't see an IPPC logo then you know not to use it. While a pallet may be perfectly safe without the logo, it could also mean it was treated with chemicals.

  5. Love how you've adopted braai and the baie dankie (buy a donkie) reference. Glad to hear you were enjoying some SA tunes too.
    Fair winds and following seas.

  6. Some tight moments…getting there. I thinking those dramatic segments- like the attempted theft of the Maggie, and the shark encounter last week. Or humor….

  7. We read this story all those months ago on Liz's Blog:) So great to finally see the footage and meet the man that stole Elizabeth from DElos:(

    Wishing her all the best – and hoping we get to Brazil soon ……………..

  8. Here's a rough translation of the message left by the French crew (14:11): "Philippe Charton et Jacques Schultz, arrived in Georgestown 6 days ago on a 12m sailing yacht (Malin). We almost climbed the whole way on foot (too few cars). Magnificient vegetation at the top, quite pleasing after the costal desert. Bravo to the tree planters."

  9. Hello everyone on-board SV Delos. First of all, congratulations to a really nice and inspirational channel. There is a question on your homepage about: are you rich? And i will not quote you, cose I don't really know the exact words, but the answer is something like; I sold all of my stuff to buy a boat. Sounds nice, but the problem for me is, that I can sell everything I have and it's just enough to buy me a pair of Speedos. What I mean is, I possess allot of really valuable things but I don't own them. So I think the true answer to this is, yes you are a wealthy guy. And it's absolutely nothing wrong with that, just tell the truth. Sail safe Mikael from Sweden.

  10. Is it possible to make a Playlist of all your videos so i can press play once and watch all 7 years worth of videos please .

  11. Found this info on La Vaga channel today – List of countries where drones are banned or restricted

  12. Haha, love that you said "Braai up the fish!" You've definitely been in South Africa. Sorry I missed you guys when you were in Cape Town, only just discovered this channel recently! Happy sailing!

  13. I would love to sail with you guys. I’ve never been on a boat though lol 🙃 You all seem very, like, chill. And down to earth. And knowledgeable. I’d love to just go and learn from each of you. I’ve been in Arizona my whole life, so sailing sounds wonderful.🤘☺️♥️ keep up the amazing videos guys. It’s my personal escape from the reality that I’m trapped in. I appreciate you all.☺️

  14. Ramatree is saying in comments on her new video that you guys took advantage of her?? And did not support her when she left?? Big statement from her… Is it true??

  15. Well done Liz for helping those turtles.I'm glad you are respectful wherever you go whilw having fun too. The only downside is that you guys dmaged the banana bush, which are not easy to grow.

  16. Liz, I loved your baby turtle rescue mission on the best day of your life. My previous favorite baby turtle story on film is the last 5:20 minutes at the end of the Netflix streaming movie, 'Chasing Coral'. Check it out! Then watch the whole movie – you and the Delos crew will immediately appreciate the need to stop the damage being done to the world's coral reefs from global warming. Then check out – they have a fair, beneficial, viable, global solution and they need everyones help to make it happen. Then write Congress every month and ask them to act on our and all the little turtles' behalf: – Thanks!

  17. Hi there, from Regina Saskatchewan Canada lol probably have to Google that shit lol just wanted to say enjoy your videos. When you see where I am from no oceans to be seen lol love what your doing and maybe one day I can visit the same places take care and all the good vibes I can give to you!,,

  18. Sad Josje not offered a fair split of the Patreon money when she had been
    a core part of the Delos success. Too bad Brady did not stick up for her.

  19. Thanks for great fun mixed with wonderful pics and videos as of "underwater safari". Fab idea!. Keep your spirit coming. LOVE YOU ALL.

  20. Watch out some pallets, the wood is treated with chemicals to keep them from rotting.
    Probably not a good idea to cook with it.

  21. So nice for me to look at your video on ASI! Worked there more than 3 years. Kayak a lot around with a my good friend Joe, a very good american surfer but also a mad spear fisherman! He encounntered few hundreds meter of English bay in less than few minutes, a big hammer head shard followed by a huge tiger shark. So yes , they are around big time. And good to see my old friend Carol. Recognizing also some saints. Stunning pictures and superb movie. Thank you . Alex

  22. Thank you so much for making this stop a very memorable shared experience. I so much wish I could have walked the trail with you, or without, as I am from Oregon and Washington myself and have spent untold hours in the woods just hiking to the top of the next hill to see the view. I love this video the most out of all the ones you have done so far. T & A is one thing, but this truly was spectacular. Thank you again. Absolutely love this channel.

  23. You know? Some scientist folk would protest that you did that. Interferes with nature and stuff regarding the baby turtles. But honestly? I don’t give a fuck… I woulda done the same. My heart woulda just been overwhelmed and I’d spend the whole night making sure they got out there on the waves.

  24. I ran the Dew Pond run from George Town Sea to the Dew pond in 1.58hr and I was last in my group, I think they went from the wrong route 7 hours!

  25. I like your channel cause your cruising around the world respecting and enjoying nature and being environmentally conscious. Some times the tech talk about editing or how much time you do filming and editing is lame.  Enjoy your adventures!

  26. my buddy invites her gf over when she's bitchy and goes off fishing alone or with buddies. LOL mysteriously the fish disappear for awhile.

  27. This is so cool. They did the same thing on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai, but with Captain Cook Pine trees to create the Cloud Forest. It's a totally synthetic ecosystem with the Pines providing 65% of the islands water and provide an environment for other tropical plants.

  28. Ascension Island – another amazing place to have brought to us viewers when you could only possibly think it is a backward rock in the middle of an ocean. Beautiful people, scenery, and vibes brought to you from the amazing Delos crew. Bravo – thank you for this episode and I cannot wait to watch the next few as well.

  29. Loving the videos just doing some catch up after being gone for some time. Thank you for everything you do

  30. blackened does not = burnt lol. The blackening comes from the spices. im sorry to be so cynical but every moment in life is a learning moment.

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