100 thoughts on “Anguish & Ecstasy: Overcoming Your Chargeback Ban – Riot Games Player Support

  1. Meanwhile I could be learning how to avoid having "Teemo being evil" lies stuffed down my throat by literally almost all of the world…

    But I guess we both live with disappointments, don't we, Riot?

  2. I feel minderbemittelt because i dont know what the fuck just happened in this Video….but it was weird

  3. Hey Riot, you chargeback banned my friend for a year and randomly unbanned him when you realized it was a mistake. 0 Compensation.

  4. Riot today I got prema banned and I love ur games I spent a lot of money and time playing ur game so please can you help me my nick is yougotkicked servicer eune

  5. Instead of putting effort into vids like this you guys could fix the game. This is actually be a good idea, isn't it? 😊😊

  6. I'm sorry to ruin the mood, but on a serious note, why is it possible for people to game the system by banning anyone they'd like as long as they're in their friends list??? [Namely, by gifting them something and then charging the payment back via their bank]

  7. Thankfully i have breake from lol for about 3 mobtchs. And im happy 😀 no more cancer on ranked games

  8. This 1:41 minute video took 6 months to make since their last video. Thanks for your 6-month hard working. xD

  9. I once got chargeback from using some weird 50 dollar MasterCard gift card that I got from my local good year for a bonus. It wasnt pretty.

  10. Only a dickhead would ban someones account for a chargeback. But then again toxic community propably means toxic developers as well

  11. Or how about you don't ban people because you got a charge back. Holding an account hostage and demanding money they don't owe you is extortion. You owe them the charge back. You can't then demand a ransom to pay for the charge back you are responsible for. Get fucked.



  13. i launche LoL.exe , and when i log in and i see a advertisement like "PLAY PYKE LIKE WADID"
    i cant actually go in that site … i gues my opera is broken , how can i tell LoL to open it with google chrome ? :/

  14. still have yet to get help with my account after 2 weeks but at least your fucking team can make videos about the game thats fucking dying

  15. Good Day! I am encountering a problem with your league of legends game. Whenever i try to start playing a game it crashes and says a critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated. Any help? Also I can't find my riot games folder anywhere. Thanks in advance!

  16. Does this mean I can get banned, if someone gifts me skins and recharges his money? Or will they be punished for it and i simply "lose" those skins?

  17. I send the money for my account and rito didnt even see the ticket for a day if a rioters see my comment plz check acc KissMyKiko (EUNE) username: trac1234

  18. I just cracked a code to become best aatrox main Edit : i will tell my secret if this gets 10 likes

  19. A random person from my friend list gifted me 12.000 RP then charged back his money. Now I have to pay ~$70 even though I did nothing wrong and I shouldn't be supposed to pay because the gifting system sucks. You won't see any money from me because you are stupid. Good game Rito, "permaban" me even though I couldn't avoid the situation.

  20. quiero dar una queja no he podido entrar ami cuenta un dia normal voy mi pc a jugar lol y me dice que mi contraseña es incorrecta y fui a un link que me mando y le puse el nombre y me decia que me iban a mandar un nuevo correo pero no me ha llegado y ya llevo como 5 dias sin jugar

  21. Dear roit game would you be able to update league of legends so that it is downloadable for Chrome OS users

  22. RIOT RLLY???? U Cant do that wtf If U are so focused on MONEY then wtf Take the payed skin back and dont say Pay it Back 😂😂😂 omg its not srsly u hard but its still people they Like Money😂😂😂

  23. An issue I’m having is with lag. Either my game won’t load, or fuck McCafee. Basically, it thinks I have a “virus” so it restarts my laptop. My username is hypobudl, pls help

  24. Why is my game crashing after the most recent update the only app that i assume is a 3rd party software is discord and even then before the update the crash was still happening just a hell of a lot less so what changed

  25. let this game die stop playing it continue chargebacking lol because they don't fucking issue refunds in player support anyway

  26. this is so stupid my 12 year old son used my card to buy a skin i got a refund but now he has to pay it back to unlock his account he is 12 he dont work why refund me then make us apy it back makes no sense

  27. will that help thinkyou https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201753334-Chargebacks how dir you hackers if the link not working its for man don't know the rules or using setting mailbox.

    hey YouTube this is good link me too I use the link too (plz help us the link be save)

  28. The other lesson is, never, EVER spend money on the game. If Riot themselves scams you they will refuse to refund your purchase and will try to ban your account via chargeback if you take your money back

  29. This is no case / remake. After the / remake was notified that it was not possible to connect, I did not give / remake it and we tried until the 15th minute but the person was not connected yet. We lost to the game in an unjust way, greatly affecting the spirit of the game players and losing confidence from the game riot. I hope that riot will overcome this situation so that players can be in a good mood when playing the game, without losing the unjust DNG

  30. iRrEslsTiBLE şu nickli arkadaş oyun içinde milli dini değerlere küfür etmenin yanında elo boost yaptığınıda bana bir mesajla söyledi gerekenin yapılması için her yere yazıyorum

  31. 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💙📘📘📘📘📘💙📘💙📘📕📕📕📕📘💙💙📘📘📕📕📕❤️❤️❤️📘📘📘💙📕📕📕❤️❤️💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉👅👅👅🍦🍦👅👅🥧🥧🥧👅🍦🍦👅👅🥧🥧👅🍦🍦🍪🍪🍪👅🍦👅🥧🥧🥧👅🍦🍦👅👅🥧🥧👅🍦🍪🍪🍦👅🥧🥧🥧👅🍦👅👅👅👅

  32. You are the most retarded support in any game that the history has seen, only in your cancerous game people get banned for saying the truth about a boosted unskilled player, low life scum game nice waste of time

  33. This is great! How come I have never knew this channel even I have played this game for years lol

  34. fuck you riot fuck you league of legends sucks, everybody play rainbow six and have a life you are not going to have it if you play league of legends

  35. Ok but like can you stop banning me for calling the player in my game named "NI***RS" sad? And maybe ban him???

  36. This is total BS so anyone who donates to me and i don't know in person can basically delete my account by Charging back his money.. WOW what a SHITTY SYSTEM RIOT.
    Just repay the balance yeah i will gladly repay 50k RP to riot after the random riot employ donating it to me that's right i think these people that are so called 'scums' work for riot so they ban people that didn't purchase anything but they charged back their money and now riot asks me to pay it back so i can play their shitty game nope… but ty for making me quit easy :).

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