Andrew Hall’s Stirling Engine Boat

Andrew Hall’s Stirling Engine Boat

…that bit should be hot you can run a mechanical pump on the engine but it only pumps when the engine’s running I quite like to get the cooling going before there’s any heat around so I’ve got a very small electrical pump in the seacock over there but I’ve got the water flowing and I will now check everything is off to start with I’ve got some pressure I shall turn the gas on at the source I’ve got a bit of crosswind at the moment so my little lighter might get blown out but I shall try and get a flame oh, I’ve got a flame eh, that was well behaved sometimes they go pop have I got a flame? I think I’ve got a flame But I can’t see anything…. it’s ignited this one is usually the one that misbehaves and it pops like that I’ve got a flame… Hooray! And that just acts as a cooker, does it? Yes, it is a gas hob I’ve got three of them and, um life is less busy if you’ve only got one of them like that one over there right… that end’s cooking this end’s cool that is the starter motor I’ll take it over the compression which is usually two or so to one maybe two and a half as it turns into an engine so it takes less effort for me to turn it over I can do it with two fingers it’s becoming an engine and away it goes! so I’m not exactly deafened by the noise there are no explosions ‘cos it’s the external combustion engine

25 thoughts on “Andrew Hall’s Stirling Engine Boat

  1. Imagine if you could figure a way to submerse the cooling fins in water. Being able to better reject heat from your radiator means more power for your boat. 

  2. Hi, I am an entusiast of this kind of engine, I was wondering where I can find the plans of this engine so I could build one for power a boat… Thanks in advance. Greetings from Brazil!

  3. Andrew, you need to look at the work of Dan Rojas at heat a Stirling engine. He uses a large Fresnel Lens, with a simple Test Tube filled with stainless wool to heat it. And he can get a Sterling Engine to go to its maximum RPM's or less all day long! Modified for your Stirling, you could boat all day long at any speed and not spend a cent for Propane!
    Video of Stirling in Action

  4. Nice engine. You could add a watercooling on the cold side and thermal protection on the hot side to increase efficiency.

  5. Are there some Kind of math formula available to calculate the temperature difference?
    It will be so much cooler if the cold water itself could run the engine.

  6. Congratulations, this is a well thought out engine arrangement. The workmanship is excellent as that vacuum is not obtained through anything else. Well done.

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