5 Days at Sea, Just Riley and Me (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 38

5 Days at Sea, Just Riley and Me (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 38

We’ve been pretty busy on the internet or we were the whole time we were in Panama Elayna edited three different movies I think I was sorting out the sat phone and trying to check out the weather for the Galapagos trip the whole time We had a few actually business type phone calls for LaVagabonde stuff which is pretty interesting but we felt like we were almost a bit slavish to the internet and now its really good to be back out on the ocean with the beautiful sunset an’ we can relax an’ chill out an’ enjoy ourselves OK splinter whats going on? Splinter? He wears a purple robe. ah Ah we left Panama today, Panama City and it’s been dead
calm. We’ve had about eight knots of wind so we’re throwing up the spinnaker and we’re gonna leave it up overnight I’ll be sleepin’ outside ‘ere so should be all good. Nice gown. I know it’s the first time I pulled it out in months and months and months It is actually cold outside. Yeah it’s freezing. So I’ve made a herbal tea, an’ gotten rugged up and I’m gonna read my book outside ‘nd snuggle up I look good too! Yesss.. very nice trackies We are bored! Yeah! It’s about 5:30 6:00 in the
morning Riley woke me up about an hour ago to
jump on shift. And ahhh yeah I’m about to see the sun rise, there’s a big sea container
ship cruising by. So the wind picked up from about 6:00 p.m. yesterday until … until 12:00 and then ahh… completely died for the for all the morning so, we’ve just
thrown out the head sail and I’m waiting for Riley to wake up and put the spinnaker
back up and I think the whole trip is going to be like this. It’s very pleasant. It’s straight from behind so … we’re sitting on about 5 knots just with the head sail out. Just watched Cool Runnings out here. If anyone hasn’t watched Cool Runnings in a while I suggest you watch it today right now or tonight, because I’ve forgot now funny that movie is. I’ve just been in hysterics this morning out here. I can hear the roar of that ship’s engine… “Hellooo!” Preeetty bum… how’s the water? Very murky. Yeah? It’s actually scary! First fish in a long time. It better be a
good one. You better be tasty! It’s a tuna! I told you I wanted a tuna for dinner! I’m right behind you babe so be careful where you flick that It’s beautiful! It’s a nice lookin tuna isn’t it? Yeah … it’s a yellowfin. This is why… I love sailing… and I love
the ocean. It’s very peaceful … you can, you can really breathe out here and think… without all these distractions. Now I’m absolutely torturing Riley, I just gave him dinner and I said he has to wait because I need to film it. But this is what I’ve done with the tuna, it’s raw I copied a recipe from… Bonaire. It’s like balsamic sesame seeds… salad All right you may eat! So I woke up this morning and all the sails were out. What happened babe? Ahh the wind was coming from here… very lightly. Then it came… now it’s coming from there. So I turned the engine off and hoisted all the sails. We’re heading into it which increases
the speed of the wind so… 4.5 knots I believe we’re sittin’ on. 4.9… actually. And it’s beautiful. It’s dead calm still. Yeah this is uh doesn’t get more
pleasant than this. Alright sorry mum…[how are thing’s]… yeah good… I’m just calling you from the Sat phone. First call on the satphone mum. [wow… thankyou..]…
No that’s all right look I’ll I’ll let you get back to sleep. I’m sorry I thought it was one o’clock midday there not midnight. [ohhh… right.. no .. it’s midnight… yeah..] With the sun in the middle of the sky, Riles spotted some tuna glittering under the boat. Oh!… This is exciting. Do wan’ me to wear a GoPro? Yeah I got the GoPro here. Ok. There’s probably about six or eight tuna down there all chasing a little fish which is hangin’ out under the boat. I jumped down there and tried to shoot a couple of ’em but… just scared ’em ohhhh They took off. Bugger. There’ll be more When the weather is consistent and there
is little sail changes to be made, it’s easy to become quickly bored if you
don’t keep busy. One thing I enjoy doing and I make a big event of the day is lunchtime. With a bit of teamwork, love and creativity, you can buy yourself a good hour, and of course your stomach loves you for it. We’re listening to a podcast about
the Galapagos Islands and it’s really funny. It’s about tryin’ to get Turtles to mate. Yeah… They found the last male turtle on the island of Pinta, and they tried to get it to mate and it just wasn’t interested. And then all of a sudden, like years later it shagged two Turtles. And both of them were infertile
so… it didn’t matter. But… yeah learning a lot about the Galapagos and I’m getting super excited to arrive. Oh I had a fabulous sleep. Helllloooo! Thank you for sleeping outside. That’s alright. It’s a… it’s a hard job sleeping, but someone else has to do it. I can’t sleep outside because… These seats are too narrow and I can only sleep in one position at the moment, It’s so annoying. We’ve gotta have one leg up here… and one straight, and one arm behind my head and there’s just not enough room here. What’s up? What happened with the fridge? I got a eucalyptus Lolly. Well.. nothing happened to the fridge, the freezer has over frosted again. It keeps doing it, and we’ve been playing around with the settings a million and one times, and we can’t seem to find the right one so…. ahh… I’ve stopped. You know we thought we had it right this time… and I’ve stocked up the freezer preparing for the big Pacific crossing, and… and yeah it’s just over frosted again. so… At least we can shut the door now. The freezer door. Yes… Elayna that was the biggest splash, man. It might get it again. Nahh…. #@k that was huuuugge. Ohhh… [laughs] Why didn’t it take it? There was a splash that was as big as this cockpit. Yeah I saw the leftover. Did ya? of it yeah. See that wood in the background? Yeah. Yeah. So that’s gonna be… that might have been a huge dolphin fish… #### Can we go back there? Yeah. D’you wanna belay the sail and… Awwwww there’s something back there. I need my Sunny’s. Yeah I can see it… Aww my god it’s huge. Is it? Yeah it’s gonna go for it again hold the fishing rod. AAAWWWWWW Quick get the rod! HAHAHA Ohhh. Elayna, we need to buy it in.
Ok. We need to buy it in.
Ok, I’ll come here an’ ahh Ohh no… Is it broken? Nah it’s nearly at the end. NOOOOOOO Ohh. Arrrrrggghhhh That’s absolutely devastating. So today we’ve seen… a lot of wildlife in the water. It really feels like we’re getting closer to the Galapagus, but we are we’re like three days away… umm yeah we’ve had that giant lure out for months and months and only today have we got not one strike but two
so that’s telling us something and we’ve seen some giant dolphins which we thought were whales and some regular-sized dolphins. I can’t stop like… watching the horizon What just happened? Ummmm… a boat with maybe 5 guys in it. Like a one of those fast wooden… ya typical boat you’d think would be full of pirates. Come… Came burning over like really quickly so I ran downstairs to where Elena was
and I was like… go an’ hide… coz we’ve got a little spot that we’ve organized for Elayna to hide in. And, but, they just wanted some food. But it just scared the shit
out of me Poor blokes they’re out in the middle
of nowhere instead of fishing. Are you orright? I’m alright yeah. They were just out in middle of nowhere
fishing, but I’m like, I’m 150 miles from Galapagus so they are in the middle of
nowhere but, and it’s not really… I just, it’s just very unexpected seein’ a boat closing… so quickly and yeah. Ohhhhh… that was the scaredest I’ve been in a while. [yeah]. I Can’t imagine how you felt. Oh I… But being in the hiding spot and not being able to hear what’s going on upstairs, like I’m just thinking the worst. Thanks for watching, please join us next
week, for the remaining a hundred miles to the Galapagus. We explore the island of San Christobel and we are joined by my friends Nicole and Joel

100 thoughts on “5 Days at Sea, Just Riley and Me (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 38

  1. Next time I would bring a 1911 sidearm and a 12 gauge shotgun in case of pirates..Edit: maybe get a crossbow with broadheads.

  2. I recommend stainless marine short barrel shotgun with slugs and buckshot.  They will also shoot flares.  The ultimate in multipurpose.

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  7. You need a reel with some beefier drags mate. Try respooling the next one with spectra and a mono top shot. Fish on !

  8. for your pirate scares I recommend a remington 870 marine Magnum!! No one will want to take a shot from a 3.5 inch shell!! Racking it is a great deterrent as well!!

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    Cheers mate 🙂

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  13. for the commenters about guns. a friendly reminder that seems to always be forgotten "an eye for an eye and the world goes blind"

  14. Great how you mention the peace of being on the sea. You make some fabulous looking food, Elayna. That possible pirate thing must have been scary. I've heard various pros and cons of keeping weapons on board.

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  19. I would carry a gun. only problem is going to all different countries. Guns in some countries equals jail time if found.

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  26. I can't wait to comment after watching more than 40 videos of La Vagabonde..
    Thank you Riley and Elayna for making this global journey trip of yours a terrific one.

    God bless to your unforgettable Life Journey

  27. i love watching your videos. I HATE WATCHING YOU MURDER ANIMALS!!! GO VEGAN!!!! animals do not want to die. animals do not want to be snatched from the ocean where they cannot breathe and then slit open and bleed out so u can enjoy some momentary gratification. how would you like it it if someone hooked your new baby on the way?? then slit its throat and ate it? you'd be screaming, crying, hysterical begging for them to have mercy on your child. they would look you back in the eye and say WE WERE HUNGRY!!!! "The animal killers do not know that in the future the animal will have a body suitable to kill them"- Bhagavad Gita.

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    Your travels are so interesting & fresh. The fish that got away was an exciting view. You should both investigate acquiring firearms along with training for use of them. Elayna should have her own in the hiding place…just saying. Love your videos.
    Be safe ~

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  32. Great vid as usual. A few things: Never ever swim if you have the fishing lines out. Fish might be around, but so are the sharks. You're Aussies so you understand the risks, but it's not worth it..Also when gutting the fish, stay safe inside the cockpit and don't go for a swim afterwards. I've had great whites and Tiger sharks biting the transom where the bait board is, when catching Tuna.

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