5 Cruises To Avoid And Why. How To Stay Clear From A Cruise From Hell.

5 Cruises To Avoid And Why. How To Stay Clear From A Cruise From Hell.

Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For
Travellers. In this video I want to tell you five types of cruises that you
should avoid and explain why. So first of all, ships on their maiden
voyages. Now a lot of people like to sign up and go for cruises on maiden voyages
of ships. They want to be the first people on board a ship to experience it.
However, things generally do not run totally smoothly on a maiden voyage. It’s
a brand new ship. It’s heading out to sea for the first time with a full
complement of passengers, and things can go wrong. The crew is just settling in,
learning the processes. They’re still learning the ship. You
might find that all the facilities and are not in place or, for example, they haven’t
got the whole dining sorted out. So as I said, unless you are a big fan of a
cruise line and you want the badge you’re going on a maiden voyage, I
recommend you avoid maiden voyages. Let the ship bed in a bit more. The second
thing to avoid is ships that have come out of a dry dock. The very first
cruise after a dry dock. A dry dock is when ships go in for maintenance, repair and
upgrades. By law ships have to go in every couple of years into a dry dock.
Sometimes they’re just go in for purely technical reasons but usually the Cruise
Lines use it as an opportunity to change things around, update things or they may
add new decks, new cabins and sometimes they even cut a ship in half extend it! They
don’t want to take the ship out of service for too long, because obviously
they’ll lose revenue, so they will tend to put it on dry dock for a very tight
amount of time. The amount of time to work on the ship to make these changes
is very limited. So often ships will leave a dry dock with things not bedded in and
things not really working. I’ve often heard of people on cruises after dry dock
where there are still workmen on board and things are still being
fitted and changed. So wait for a
couple of cruises after ship has been in dry dock and then go on. The
third thing I recommend you avoid are actually those short cruises. I used to
recommend you go on these taster cruises, you know one or two nights or three
nights on a cruise line. Especially if you are new to cruising, it was a
great chance to get a sense of what the cruise line is like or if you were perhaps
thinking of finding an alternative cruise line and want to try it out. But they’ve really
become party cruises. Normally those cruises are pretty low cost
either per night or for the overall package. People come aboard and they really want to party and so what you tend to find
happens is you don’t get a true experience of the cruise line. So
particularly avoid cruises at holiday times, long weekends or
spring break. Be very cautious of using them – unless of course you’re looking for
a short relatively inexpensive time to go and party! Because you probably will
have exactly that on a short cruise. The fourth cruise I recommend you avoid,
unless you’re going because of it, are themed cruises. What is a themed
cruise? So basically what happens is either the cruise line, or increasingly
outside parties, will charter some or all of a ship to have a conference or some
sort of celebration. So it might be themed around motorcycle enthusiasts or
Game of Thrones or knitting or it could be a wide range of things. The reason
you don’t want to go is often what happens is, if they’ve chartered a large
part of the ship, a lot of facilities may be closed to you. There may be
special events going on and so you end up, although you spent the full
amount to go on a cruise, finding yourself not getting access to
everything and not getting everything that you want to do on the cruise.
How do you know if there are themed cruises? First of all, if you’re
booking through an agent – ask the agent to check. Secondly, there are websites
that actually document themed cruises. An example of that is themecruisefinder.com who list pretty much all types of themed cruises. Or the other
thing to do is just put in the name of your ship and the dates into a
search engine (like Google) and search. If there is a themed cruise on
your particular cruise the fact that you put in the ship name and the dates will list if there are any themed cruises. My fifth set of cruises to
avoid are ones which are linked to seasons. I’m gonna give you two
very important examples. If you’re thinking of cruising in the
Mediterranean, one of things you should probably avoid is all cruises in the
peak of summer. So that’s sort of the end of July into August.
Now the reason is those cruises will take you to places like Rome, Venice,
Barcelona, Florence but these places will be absolutely packed – because not only
will there be lots of cruise ships going there
but also there will be lots of land-based travellers going there. So the
places will be absolutely packed. It’ll be hot and will be uncomfortable.
Another example would be Alaska. The Alaska season is quite tight, so the very
first cruise in the very last cruise you probably want to avoid those because by
then you’re getting into very high probability of not great weather. Try and
avoid the beginning and the end because those are probably really where the
cruise line has chosen them kind of on the cusp of reliability. The way I really
look at it is: you’re going to go on one cruise a year or maybe
two cruises a year and you can spend a lot of money so you want to make sure that
the cruise you go on is likely to be the most amazing thing a possible. And by
avoiding those five types of cruises you should have a great experience. I hope you
found that helpful. I’d love it if you “liked” the video and of course watch many
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100 thoughts on “5 Cruises To Avoid And Why. How To Stay Clear From A Cruise From Hell.

  1. On one of the cruises we took was on a Maiden Voyage. Let me tell you what a nightmare it was. When we got to the ship, after a very long flight to England, we got to the ship, waited in line to get our room assignment and key, and then found the room was on the very lowest level of the ship. Our key cards wouldn't work in the lock so we had to go all the way back up to the desk, where they told us that someone would meet us at our door to help us. So we go back down and had to wait almost 5 minutes for someone to show up. They opened the door for us, only to find out that one of the on-board performers was asleep in our cabin (actually his cabin). We went back to the desk, explained the problem, and they gave us another room just down the hall from the first one. As we were walking away from the desk, they called us back, apologized for the inconvenience and asked us for our key cards back. Then the real nightmare began as they up graded us to a mini-suite and sent us a complimentary bottle of champagne, and gave us tickets to one of the sold out shows. What a nightmare! The next day, a purser showed up at our door to see if everything was okay and again apologized for the troubles we had experienced, then handed us an envelope with $100 voucher for an on-board credit. Couldn't it have gotten any worse?

  2. I worked on cruise ships for many years as a musician and I agree wholeheartedly with these evaluations. Regarding theme cruises, I love Dixieland, but I was on one ship that had a Dixieland cruise, and let me tell you: I couldn't listen to Dixieland music for years after!

  3. 5 reasons not to take a cruise at all:
    – It is extremely environmentally harmful
    – It can be a danger to your health
    – Staff on this type of ship is often treated and paid as slaves
    – Maintenance is carried out (sometimes against the law) by people flown in from low-wage countries
    – How nice is it to be on a ship so tightwith thousands of people?

  4. Why not get on a plane or a bus or a train or in a car . . . and GET to your preferred location quickly?! Why get on something with thousands of other people, a potential disaster on water, go slower than any other transportation and end up at a port-of-call that is inevitably thronged with tourists because you and your boat mates are there! Entertainment? Food? Fly to Mexico City or New York. All the great food and entertainment you want in a place that won't even notice an extra 5,000 people. I honestly don't get the appeal of taking the slow boat to China.

  5. hehe you should try to the cruises between helsinki-stockholm, turku-stockholm and helsinki-tallin, those are pure hell at times, 90% of the people are drunk as hell, and on the morning the ship looks like it has been in a riot 😛

  6. I’m old and do get the joke about a 3 hr tour. I have been on many excursions as well as large cruise ships. I love them. Remember you get what you pay for so if the price is really low, there is a reason. Our first cruise was when I turned 30 and it was an inside cabin. We had a great time with a bunch of friends but we have graduated to balcony cabins now and can’t go back.

  7. Avoid princess cruises.. they employ men that prey on young girls under 18 outside the teen center.. and worse they do nothing to stop it!!!! Nightmare!

  8. Also..if you're not gay ..you may not want to book a gay cruise for your family..I just so happened to absolutely love it …but…it's not for everyone.😎

  9. Well, we made 2 out of the 5 mistakes on our very first cruise. Back in August of 2000, my wife’s employer (Sysco) booked us along with 300 other customers, sales staff, and executives on an Alaskan trip (late in the season & the ship’s maiden voyage). One of the crew was killed mid trip passing through an automatic water tight door. The seas were extremely rough with 20-30’ swells. Looking back at the pictures, my complexion was a slight green the entire trip; very difficult walking down the halls without hitting your head on the wall. Despite all that, I consider that trip to be the best vacation of my 54 years. The upside: the trip was free to us; we had great company; and we got to hang out several times with Jack Carter, his wife, and their little grandson.

  10. Some years ago we went on a "Cruise to Nowhere" out of Port of NY. Supposedly a "refurbished" ship, it promised 3 days of relaxation and fun. It was none of those! Bed was unready, we waited; dinner seating ran hours late, we waited, finally seated at 10 p.m. Freshly painted chair arms were still drying – on my pink blouse!! Deck chairs were randomly strewn on deck. Many people had NO ROOMS at all. By 2:30 a.m. people were mutinous! Since we couldn't sleep for all the alerts and noise, we went up to purser area where a fistfight threatened to break out. UPSHOT: ship turned around back to port, only longshoremen didn't start work til 5 or 6 a.m. So they herded us off at Staten Island from where we took a ferry back to the city, and a train back to the Albany area. It was MEMORABLE! The cruise from HELL, a nightmare. Swore I'd never take a cruise TO ANYWHERE. 40 years later I'm contemplating a European river cruise – along with tips from Gary and Rick Steves!!

  11. i always go on Disney Cruises, 100% fun garantee, EXCELENT service, outstanding decor disney themed, so many shows, so much to see and do, and whatever ports you go to its always included a bonus stop at Disney private island

  12. A friend of mine summed up cruises perfectly, imo.
    It's like spending X amount of days in a crappy motel with ppl you'd never hang out with any other time, but you're stuck there and there's nothing you can do about it.

  13. Personally, I recommend not doing Caribbean cruises. When you are in the Caribbean, you’d rather be on the beach, not being forced to run back to the ship at 6 pm. I recommend European, Alaska, African(?), Asian, Australian and Oceanian, and American cruises

  14. Why would you avoid a themed cruise if you actually like the theme? 😏
    I’ve seen scientific cruises advertised in Scientific American, with lectures by renowned scientists and visits to CERN or the Galapagos, for example, which sound like heaven (for intelligent people). 👍❤️ 🤓

  15. We cruise every year and he's pretty spot on. Royal Caribbean would have to be right up there with the best.

  16. I went on 4 cruises 2005 to 2008 with my wife and 3 kids. RC, Princess, Carnival, and Norwegian. In each cruise six close friends joined us. It couldn't have been better. Our dining room tables were our own and we basically had a blast. Met some nice folks, and ship's staff were great. RC was by far the best. My kids still remember the name of the young man who waited on us. The worst thing about cruising is when the vacation is over you don't want to get off the ship and go home.

  17. What?!? Are you saying I could have gotten a regular fare on a Themed cruise by booking with a travel agent? Themed cruises are notoriously overpriced. And thank you for the tip on short cruises: love party atmosphere.

  18. We went on our first cruise and it was at the end of the cruising season and we live in South Africa so the sea can be really rough when it wants to and we went directly into a massive storm with very high swells and extreme winds…my family dont want to go on a cruise after that but I loge storms and stuff like that so it was great for me….any ideas on how to get them back in the cruising mood?

  19. I have never set foot on a cruise ship and probably won't for a long time but I actually found this entertaining 😂

  20. All of this I found very logical and good advice, except the short cruises. I took a three day cruise for our first cruise, mostly because I was afraid of motion sickness. We have since fallen in love with the short cruise. It’s inexpensive and it’s easier to get away for a short period of time. Some people might be there to party, but we weren’t and those that did, didn’t bother us at all. We are an older couple and definitely not partyers. We had a lot of fun and relaxation. I believe every cruise is what you make of it.

  21. Another cruise to avoid is right before the ship goes into dry dock. Many things which should be fixed are put off until dry dock. These can be minor (to the cruise line) cabin repairs or small maintenance items that could infringe on your positive cruise experience.

  22. DON'T know what's the BIG DEAL with Cruise vacation$. I was in an aircraft carrier for six months….six months, MAN….NEVER again….NOT EVEN for FREE👎😠

  23. I've started watching Holiday vids to get ideas for my next couple of holidays and have to say that you and Wolters World are my favourites. I've had to stop watching some other people as they waffle on and seem to be plugging something or have loads of adverts.
    Love how you get straight to the point and have loads of useful tips

  24. As a teacher, I have no choice but to cruise during summer, so I have to make the best of it, or not at all. Worth a try once in my life at least even if it can't be in ideal conditions.

  25. I found that you should avoid cruises over the Christmas week. Why? The problems are endless. These cruises are very expensive (2 to 4 times the typical rate) so you are "over paying". You would think that the entertainment on these high priced trips would be better than usual but this is not the case. I've been on them were the nightly performance cast is given the night off for Christmas Eve and New Year. While this is a great feature for the crew and shows atypical cruise line respect for the performers it is a nightmare for the passengers. You find yourself with a lot of free time on big days that you would like to fill with grand events. I've never understood this. The cruise companies take in a ton more money these weeks so why not hire some extra or special performances so that the overall cruise value is not downgraded plus it still allows the normal crew to have the time off. Also as with season cruises all of the ports are packed so that getting off the boat is not as pleasant. On the flip side we ran into issues with excursions on New Years Day…seems the locals celebrated too much the night before which creates problems for tours the next day.

  26. Great video, a Ship is exactly the same as a New House, there are tons of bugs to work out till everything works perfectly, and its always once the owners move in and its constant repairs for days or weeks till the house is perfect, the same must be true for a New Ship. 👍🏼

  27. Dont ever go the first two weeks of December. Its all slave ships. My friend went and was the only white couple on board. I lived in Key West. All the locals would talk about the slave ships being in port especially early December. Dirt cheap. Go figure

  28. After Carnival Bought some other cruise lines, example Princess, the quality of the cruise on those lines went to shit. Princess was a really upscale line , but not anymore.

  29. He might as well say don’t go on a cruise at all as he’s just about covered every type of cruise. I myself would go on ANY cruise that didn’t involve an airport, oh, and the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, as they are like floating nursing homes.

  30. I went on a 3 day Mexico cruise and was surprised to find it was also a swingers themed cruise. It was interesting, that’s for sure lol!

  31. I'd rather kill myself than go on a tacky cruise with 3000 fat, drunk, ill-dressed extroverts. That is what hell is and it's free.

  32. Problem with most cruises are they are run by other countries for the cheap labor and laws so they are inferior Few if any are run by American companies due to high labor costs ridiculous laws and regulations

  33. Dang it we booked our Mediterranean cruise right in the middle of peak season, and he just listed off all the places we're going 🙁

  34. Cruises that leave china , I don’t want to sound racist but chinese people have no manners at all , they skip lines they shout they shit in the pool (yes i actually saw that) , i would find them butt naked roaming around public areas bathroom’s etc etc… it was on the quantum of the seas (the newest and most advances cruise t the time , 4 years ago, and chinese people really ruined my vacation , even the ship’s staff hated them

  35. I disagree about theme cruises; I attend one every tear and it's called 70000 Tons of Metal and let me tell you…It's a blast!!! I know you might be talking about themed cruises that open to public sales and on those cases you might be right; in the case of 70K the ship is fully booked by metalheads and doesn't even appear in the website. I love your videos; hugs from Chile

  36. I took a cruise on a ship that had been cut in half and “stretched.” However, they did NOT increase the size of the theater or the buffet!

  37. Just went to Alaska. Ridiculously over-priced and nothing special. Put some ice in a bowl, look at it and then throw it away and you pretty much got it.

  38. the whole cruise industry is pure toxic poison; to tourism in general, to the employees that work the floating sweatshops and most especially to the environment.

  39. Great videos.! Thank you for the straight facts, no nonsense info approach. I'm so tired of clicking on these kids who talk TOO much about nothing related to the topic of the video.

  40. Went on a Alaska cruise last year, the last of the season! We had cloudless skies for the full duration of the cruise

  41. Most of what you say makes sense because it's true!

    However, you're dead wrong about early Alaskan cruises. I've been on several and have had the absolute best weather. Put this into perspective, Ketchikan almost brags about the number of days it rains and every time I've been there it's not only not rained but it's been warm bordering on hot.

  42. The 2 – 3 day cruises are known as:
    Bonk boats Bonk barges
    Love Boats Root'a"bouts
    and my favourite . . .
    F _ _ k ships.

    They aim at the 18 to 35 year olds and are legally, floating orgies. You board on a Friday night with departure at 8 pm and return about 6 pm Sunday night
    It would sail about 150 kms in a loop pattern. I remember on one occasion the ship couldn't re-enter Sydney Harbour until the afternoon of the Monday …
    so almost 24 hours late.

    These type of cruise were banned from my home port Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

    There was a high level o f sexual assaults and death. Add to this large amounts of illicit drugs and what the police fear most date rape drugs e.g. the heavy sedative known as Rhohypnol.

  43. Great tip. I was thinking about taking my kids on a 2 to 3 day cruise just to see if they get seasick. What do you think is the best way to try a cruise with them

  44. I would have liked to cruise on the HMS Endeavour with Captain Cook. No GPS, no weather satellites, no detailed maps. Just unknown lands and wild, wild adventure.

  45. We only went on one maiden voyage cruise before. It was in the late 90’s with Renaissance Cruises (I think the ship was the R2). It was 10 days from St Nazaire, France (ship building port) to Athens, Greece. The ship was incredibly nice but the first two days, the food was inconsistent and we thought we were in for a horrible experience. Once that was ironed out, this cruise turned out to be one of the best cruise experiences we have had and we have been on 23 to date. So I agree, if taking a maiden cruise, go in expecting glitches and be patient.

  46. I agree with most of your assessment. Some cruise lines use travel agents and top repeat cruisers for new and refurbished ships. This gives them good critiques and any bugs. You'll have an understanding audience.

  47. Tip 7: Don't cruise in an area where a war is going on. Look what happened to Lusitania, Wilhelm Gustloff, Cap Acornia, Bremen, and Laconia (both)

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