5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech
and I want to share with you five tips for your air pods that you might not
know recently I’ve been talking to some people and they had some questions about
their air pods and they didn’t know some of these features so I wanted to share
them with you and if you know them that’s fine or maybe it’s a refresher
for you the fifth one in particular is one I use all the time and many people
still don’t know what exists so the first thing has to do with double
tapping the air pods they actually have a touch-sensitive outside layer here you
can double tap it for different features and those features can be customized now
I already have one of them in my ears so that it’s activated but what we want to
do is go on our iPhone go to settings then go to bluetooth and under bluetooth
tap the little eye next to your air pods once they’re connected you can modify
these so you’ll see double tap on air pod left or right and we have a couple
different options so we can change this from Siri to play pause next track
previous track or off and they can be customized from left to right so if you
want Siri on the left and play pause on the right you can do that so we can just
change this one to play pause on the right or they’ll just pause when you
take them out of your ear or you can do next track previous track either one you
can choose whatever works best for you and adjust accordingly the next tip has
to do with using air pods with other devices not just Apple devices but
Android devices or other Bluetooth devices you can use these with pretty
much any Bluetooth device if you weren’t aware of that so what you need to do is
just hold this button on the back you’ll see they’re not paired here we’ll hold
the button we’ll just keep holding it down and you’ll see over here if I bring
my pixel phone over we can pair them to this device so you can pair it to an
Android device they’re connected and now they’re active so now I can use it with
this device using it for music you just won’t get all the features you do with
the iPhone now I have these paired to my iPhone again and one of the tips I
recently told someone they didn’t realize is that you can find these if
you lose them there under find my phone so let me show you how that works so
we’ll go into Find My iPhone you’ll see it’s right here I’ll tap on the device
now you can see it found my device I just have it hidden on
the map here and what we can do is tap on this and get some different actions
we’ll tap on it and then we have the option to actually play a sound so we
can play a sound to locate it and then locate our device if we’ve lost it so we
have a general idea where it is and then it will just play a sound so we can find
it and the other thing is once they’ve been found it tells you that they’ve
been found nearby so it should be good to go there now the next feature is
something many people are really excited about when they first announced it and
this is called live listen and what live listen allows you to do is use your
iPhone to listen remotely using your ear pods so they have to be within about 30
feet or so but what you need to do is add it to control center so if you don’t
have it in control center already it’ll be a little ear here so we need to go
into settings we’ll go back here we’ll go to control center then we’ll
customize the controls then we’re going to scroll down until we find hearing and
if we’ve got hearing we tap Add you’ll see it’s added there now if we go into
the control center we’ve got a little ear if we 3d press or tap on it it pops
up and it says I’m available for current route however if I take these out of
here maybe you put one in my ear you’ll see it says live listen off and all I
need to do is turn that on and now I can hear myself through my air pot so you
can set this in the distance maybe you’re at a classroom or you’re trying
to hear someone in the distance speak you can use this to listen to them and
now it won’t work from a mile away or anything like that but it’s helpful in a
classroom setting I think that’s what the idea was with this or if you’re
trying to hear someone in a crowd and you want to hear what they’re saying
right next to them so you could just place this next to them and listen in
now the last tip is something I use all the time and it’s a little bit more
recent for me so let me go over to my Apple TV so now I have the remote for
the Apple TV and you can do one of two things here you can hold the play button
down let me hold it down and you’ll see we immediately get where we’re recording
from but also we can change where the speakers are being projected to so maybe
I want the Apple TV to move over to my air pods so that I can hear it and know
else so maybe you want to watch a movie late at night you don’t want everybody
to be able to hear you can do that so let’s do this here and now you can
adjust the volume and everything else or you can change this setting within
settings itself so go to settings go to video & audio then you can go down to
audio output and then select air pots you can also do this with an a home pod
as well or you can see Mac Mini or HDMI so whatever you have selected it will
use and I use this all the time late at night when my kids are trying to sleep
and I want to watch whatever TV show so it’s very very helpful and something I
use all the time now one final tip is more about keeping these from getting
lost to begin with and that’s to use a case I didn’t know until recently that
they actually made cases for air pods in fact when I was at CES this year
catalyst had them and they were nice enough to just give this to me it’s not
sponsored or anything but I thought it was kind of neat and maybe I was
ignorant to it but I just didn’t realize there were cases for them so this keeps
it waterproof slide this in there’s a little bit of air in there but in the
bottom here you can see it’s a little bit difficult to slide in but they’re
not coming out so in the bottom you’ll see you’ve got access to a port it keeps
them waterproof when that sealed and then if you want to use your air pods
you just fold this down like this and then open it up and you’re good to go
and then you can link it to whatever you like or clip it to whatever you’d like
and you won’t lose it so I’ll link that in the description I thought it was kind
of neat and just wanted to share that with you but let me know what you think
in the comments below I’ll leave a link to the wallpaper in the description
thanks to the Twitter follower that actually sent this to me and also
created this exclusively for this video so it’s evgeniy zoom Elko if I
pronounced that wrong I’m sorry but I’ll link that in the description he was nice
enough to create this just for the video and I’m really appreciative of that so
be sure to check him out and follow him on Twitter if you haven’t done that
already if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as
always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

  1. Hey is anyone else watching on their iPhone 6s broken screen,no sim,water damage,and non working home button???(no joke this is my only phone but idc other people go thru worst

  2. To everyone saying the price isn’t worth it should watch this. I just love the hey siri feature through airpods

  3. Mines ain’t working it’s like one ear work then one doesn’t it backwards as freak I need help , they both work but only one works when play

  4. Very useful stuff bro..that live listening option is peaks ..but how much distance it will work..?? Plz let me know..

  5. AirPods are useful especially when you’re parents are home but u trynta watch some “movies” on the Apple TV

  6. Is there a way to do any of these on android? I have an android and airpods and i can't figure out how to do all of these

  7. For those of you that need a more in depth tutorial or whatever on live listen option, basically you leave the phone wherever and you can hear what everyone is saying even when you are outside the room. It works really well for spying. And it's really good for hearing people when they don't want you to. All you have to do is discreetly place your phone not be room while you go out and then you can hear it. It works from pretty far away. And it works when your phone is on sleep too. so yeah anyways it's really cool

  8. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 likes. I have been using my air pods more than 1.5 years. But I didnt know about aipods listening mode. Its really useful.
    Thanks a lot. Milllions ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Beware if u loose your charging case alone then your not gonna find them using the find my iPhone app only the AirPods only

  10. I think the “hearing” feature is really so when running, with this on and listening to music, you can hear cars or someone saying hey, look out for that truck coming at you.. Thanks for the tips though!

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  12. Who’s here after AirPods pro are out. I’m so glad I didn’t buy normal AirPods and my cousin just gave me them so I can buy the new ones

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  14. Bro my case isn’t charging. Switched everything from cable to the cube all apple products and I unsynced them resynced them nothing. Clean the charging port and the inside case themselves and fucking nothing bro. My shit is real too. The AirPods charge but not the case

  15. Anybody know what store sells those AirPods cases? I went to target 🎯 but they said they don’t sell them there

  16. I actually discovered the enhanced hearing earlier today while researching the AirPods pro and did not realize the regular AirPods or AirPods 2 had this feature. It’s actually kind of scary for privacy but cool none the less

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