# 33 // Sommes-nous riches ? // Comment-on paye notre voyage // vlog famille voyage

hi guys jill
is home martin, rose and I went for a walk with the dogs in the park we have fun and we get used to the city life in the morning we go for a walk with the dogs the kids play a little bit before doing
schoolwork, jill is translating a video. we have a question that comes back often :
are we “rich” not rich like being able
to buy anything we like but how we afford this trip,
to answer this question we will go home and find jill and
we will explain tou how we afford to travel that’s it we are back home and martin rose
have a little surprise for their mom We are going to make her believe that we have insects in our hands we have an insect in our hands here ! an insect for you! here 2 rascals! Jill did not finish translating so I am going underneath the 4×4 when I brake there is a funny noise, and I saw when cleaning the car that I had a
disc protection for mud that moves a little bit
so i guess a little screw must be missing we are going to put everything back in place and it should be fine. it’s not on this side, here it does not move it must be here I do not remember I do not know if you can see it … here .. what do you think Iris? normally when I’m doing mechanics, I’m lying under the car, there’s always a dog who comes to me and who gets as close as possible so on my head in fact… today we
looks like they are leaving me alone the disc protection was actually broken I brought it to the mechanic at the
other side of the street, he will sold it it will take him an hour or 2h in the meantime we will make a cake with the children! Let’s go we are making a chocolate cake! 100 grams of flour .. 100g of sugar mom thinks
it’s too much so we just put a little bit of sugar in here look, I’m going to melt the butter you look and tell me whether it’s melted okay? do you want me to help you ? do you want me to catch it? thank you Rose! we make a good cake! chocolate To make this cake, you need: 100 g of flour, 100g of sugar, mom says it’s too much
so just put a little bit of sugar, 3 eggs, yeast butter and
lemon and rum But especially chocolate chips, it’s the most important thing topple it in the cake! It will be delicious! Wait Martin, there’s a little left! Can we eat them? yes eat what’s left! It’s so cool when you have a house, because with an oven you can make lots of cakes Clem and I had a great time, we had lasagna and quiche now you have to stir, can I stir? What are you doing Rose? I put some flour so that it does not catch on.
Well and what did you put before the flour ? first of all, butter and than flour! do not make it fall .. rose i do the last …. chocolate chips .. can we lick the leftovers? while Mart & Rose are licking the leftovers, the cake will cook! It cooks at 180 degrees for 20 minutes It’s up to you friends! that’s it everything is clean, everything is tidy
we are ready to answer the question For those who join us today usually we do not travel in a hotel or a house it happens
sometimes when it is really cold or if a little problem.. like we
had one friday here is the video if you
are curious to know why we are not not in our 4×4 today
in this video we are not going to talk about budget we have already made a video for that.
here is the link we’ll just tell you how we pay
this trip, it’s a question that comes back a lot on our social media
but also a lot with locals, often
they tell us but you have to have a lot of money to do this
trip …sure a trip like ours costs money we will explain you just
how we managed to travel like this .. we took some
decisions … no one came knocking on the door and said, “Hey, I’m offering you a trip” It is often perceived like that oh you are lucky, you are lucky yes we are happy to be able to make this trip to do this trip and it has been
awesome but that’s something we did
ourselves and we made some choices to get here sacrifices the only thing we have today is our 4×4 we do not have a
house we do not have furniture we have some furniture at Clem’s dad’s house but that’s all.
it’s the only thing we have it’s a choice we made we made sacrifices we took risks selling our
company and our house we have left all this comfort to live this adventure we did it because it
seemed to us it was agresser wealth to offer this adventure to
our family rather than own a lot of things
we created a company we had an optical shop
we created it six years ago we sold it we loved creating, it was super interesting,
a big challenge we liked it a lot and we are ready to
start again when we get back another store or something
totally different… that’s why we decided to
sell everything to be able to be ready for opportunities because we knew very well that we would evolve during this trip and to be free…
to build our lives where we want and how we want do whatever we want when we come back .. right now we don’t have any income so how do we pay for this
trip if we have no income ? it’s simple we pay it with
savings savings that we had with things that we
sold, and with the sale of our house it seems really important to us
to have a return budget and also in case of big problem
because you just never know what can happen when you travel that’s very important where-ever we will go we will need a budget to restart we have a budget, it is the money from the sale of our company that will allow us to restart our lives. it’s not huge but it will be good enough
for when we go back to start something new again
and then for us the biggest wealth will be to have made this trip with our
family and to get to know our needs as well to really know what we want because before leaving we were not very happy in our lives ..
we had everything to be happy but we missed this little spark
so we will get to know ourselves better when we will come home and we will be able to do something that
will please us more that’s it for today tomorrow
we will be leaving this house, we will take the 4×4 and go up in the mountains there is a national park
not far from here at more than 4000 meters above sea level so adventure and discoveries…
I really want to go there so we’ll see you soon
see you soon ! Can you cut the part where I did this with my hand please ?

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