In this tutorial, we will learn how to navigate
Hoonuit. When you first log into Hoonuit, you see the
summary dashboard which displays general information about your students as a group. Across the top of the page you will see all
of the dashboards available to you. Please remember that your permissions in Synergy
determine what you will see in Hoonuit. To see the dashboards, available click on
a dashboard category. You will see other available dashboards known
as related dashboards, as we do for attendance. However, these related dashboards might have
multiple dashboards within them, as we have for assessments. Click on that subcategory, then you would
select the specific related dashboard. Click on a dashboard name to advance to that
specific dashboard. We will talk more about navigating dashboards
in the next tutorial; dashboard review. To navigate to other areas of Hoonuit, you
will use the application navigation menu. Click on the icon of squares to expand the
application navigation menu, here you will see the areas to which you have access. Again, the options available are determined
by your permissions in Synergy. Dashboards in my school(s), show data across
the district or at the school level depending on access. The data is intended to be informative and
may be used for such things as planning or improvement purposes. Dashboards in my focus, facilitate team conversations
around assessing school-wide programming needs and monitoring progress towards school improvement
goals. My classroom contains dashboards that show
data at the teacher, department, course, and section level depending on the user’s access. You will learn more about searching for students
in the student search tutorial. Briefly, the student Search tab allows you
to search directly for a specific student. Another useful area that we’ll explore in
a later tutorial is the resources area, which launches the Hoonuit dashboard course in Canvas. Refer to those specific tutorials to learn
more about these topics. Now that you know how to navigate, return
to the list of tutorials to learn more about Hoonuit.

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