#213  Corrosion Conquered!

#213 Corrosion Conquered!

hey everybody how you doing well I’m
back to the boat after a little bit of absence and got some things to finish up
so we can get this boat in the water keep skip off to the sides open up see
what we got it’s a brand new navigation system no
it’s thinks there should be two of them everyone hopes for that every woman’s
dream good thanks for that propeller shaft ah galvanic isolator Oh that on your
wish list to be that one’s a fail-safe one or the earliest instances of galvanic
corrosion was found in the British Navy in the mid 1700s in those days holes
were made out of wood in these really gross Teredo worms used to eventually
just corrode the wood and just sink the boat basically so they decided to try
putting some copper on boats and that’s when they began to hammer in these
sheets of copper now one of the things they found was
that there were areas of the copper that touched iron nails that were hammered in
for the underneath boards of wood and they saw that there began to be this
corrosion to the point where eventually the copper actually fell off why water
is a great electrolyte and when dissimilar metals are connected the
least noble metal begins to degrade that’s why people put zinc’s on their
boat because the zinc Crowes faster than the other good metal and then you can
change the sinks that’s the theory so I’m heading back down to the boat
because I got a lot to do to get this boat back in the water and the sooner I
get it in the water the sooner Amy and I can move back on board but the main
thing is I got to fix the internet system the hurricane brought some
leakage and I’ve been blowing a lot of fuses and without internet on board Amy
can’t work so we’re kind of stopped up here for a minute so hopefully I can get
this squared away now well the first thing I needed to check when I got on
the boat was why our internet system is not working after the hurricane two
times in a row the fuses blew out and it did seem like there was a little bit of
water from the hurricane I thought I just order some new fuses and pop them
in and hopefully there’s no problem so we’ll see I did get the fuses and the
area did seem dry now I’ve put a fan on it and kind of dried it all out but then
when I put the fuse in it was the wrong size so no internet and I need to get
the internet working because Amy works on the boat using the Internet full time so I want to get the rest of this hull
done and also make sure our bonding system is all in gear and all squared
away so we can get this boat back in the water and move on if you notice there’s
lots of like these streaks that’s because just after I put on this first
coat of a blade of paint the hurricane came we had lots of rain and well that’s
okay I have another gallon I’m gonna put my second coat on anyway and I don’t
think it’s gonna be a problem he looks good all right well back to galvanic
corrosion my propeller this does look like there’s been some corrosion that
kind of light coloring so the first step is we’re going to put on new sinks and
I’m pretty sure the reason I was starting to get some corrosion was
because the black grounding wire that goes into my bonding system I actually
dent Lee pulled out and just two weeks worth of that began to really show a
difference when we took the boat out of the water so so first up is new zinc’s
for the propeller and the stainless steel propeller shaft actually I’m gonna
put two zinc’s on which is what’s been recommended for me from my owners group
and then I’m going to install the new Hall zinc and then get the new wiring so
that whole bonding system can be effective and then I’m not with the hall
and get this boat back in the water those are pretty cool pure copper little
ball bearings in the middle of that so that can make that excellent connection
with the propeller shaft that’s pretty cool I have never seen sinks that are
like that so I put on first zinc tighten it up zinc number two and then I’m also gonna
put a stainless steel clip just to hold it in place because that zinc’s get all
deteriorated I don’t want them shifting down into the Cutlass bearing the
Cutlass bearing is what lets water go through that propeller strut to
lubricate so here it is 2news inks gonna clean up the propeller shaft a bit more
and I’m going to treat the whole thing with antifouling

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