2019 World Championship Finals Tease

2019 World Championship Finals Tease

After the Group Stage, a lot of people
were saying we were a lucky team. We almost didn’t get into the Quarterfinals. Making it through to this point has been very difficult but it proves that FPX is a team with a lot of strength. Something the LEC and LPL have in common is we fight a lot but I think the LPL’s individual abilities are stronger. If we’re able to win the Championship this time, then that would be two in a row for the LPL. It would mean that we’re the number one region!

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  1. Expliquez moi ce qu'ils foutent au Château de Chantilly pour le Clip d'une final Esport de LoL okay je vois le sens que ça veut donner mais la c'est le patrimoine culturel de la France c'est juste pas du tout approprié..

  2. Please, make it a 3-2 match ! I don't really care who wins at this point, but seeing how great this worlds were, it needs to end with a 5 games BO5, just for the show ! (and silver scrapes ofc)

  3. Riot have hinted the world's champion from their recent song "Phoenix":
    🎼🎵🎶"FunPlus Phoenix fly…" 🎶🎵

    Rooting for G2 tho'.

  4. i have a vision. the last game will be a base race and bard will be picked to ult 4 people in the end and a yassuo will tp to demolish the other base and will end the game so clutch!!! believe me

  5. There is me:
    Multiple Accounts Banned
    70-80% Winrate Grandmasteru
    Quinn OTP in Jungle
    S4-7 Scripter
    Was hardstuck silver before i leaned how to view the Game.

  6. I think, that G2 will win. League is supposed to be a team game. And it may be that FPX is stronger individually, but G2 has an incredible team play. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Sunday

  7. I am scared that G2 is too confident. All the hype could make an even bigger downfall if they lose the finals. I have a bad feeling about this…

  8. doinb 这简直就跟中国人没啥差别了。。。 那么多韩援就他采访的时候说中文, 打比赛用中文界面。。。。

  9. In case anyone was interested in the Cinematography / location of filming:
    0:02 – the Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier
    0:12 – the Grand Staircase of the Palais Garnier (with the art installation titled "Les Saturnales" by artist Claude Lévêque, '19)
    0:16 – the dining room (salle à manger) of Château de Chantilly
    0:21 – the east façade of Château de Chantilly
    0:36 – the north façade of Château de Chantilly
    0:43 – Statue: The Hounds "Fanfaraut et Brillador" by Auguste N. Cain 1880 (Château de Chantilly)
    0:51 – the north façade of Château de Chantilly
    1:11 – the dining room (salle à manger) of Château de Chantilly
    1:35 – the east façade of Château de Chantilly
    1:38 – Statue: L'Esclave mourant (The Dying Slave) by Henri-Charles Maniglier 1851 (Château de Chantilly)
    1:41 – the dining room (salle à manger) of Château de Chantilly
    1:44 – Le vestibule d'honneur (Hall of Honour) Château de Chantilly
    1:58 – Les parterres et jardin de Château de Chantilly by Jean-François Leroy
    2:02 to 2:30 – Les grand appartements du Château de Chantilly
    2:37 – Les grand appartements du Château de Chantilly
    2:57 – Les grand appartements du Château de Chantilly
    3:17 – Courtyard of Château de Chantilly

  10. In my honest opinion, G2 has the better mid and adc, while fpx have the better top and support. This series is going to live and die through the junglers, if Jankos can perform against the monster that is Tian, then G2 GOT THIS BABY

  11. 1.14 as we can see wunder is also shaking, i think these mathces have high tension. If a player has confident then easy to win

  12. Was cheering for SKT and TL, but they both lost, so now I just hope they reach until a game 5, and I hope every game is close. I just wanna a rly good series, good luck G2 and FPX!

  13. I hate that SKT isn't in finals, but at least we know they were still be the 2nd best team after G2 crushes FPX without even breaking a sweat.

  14. Skt still the best, whoever disagree to me i will hunt you i will find you i will make your life miserable i will make you pay. MARK MY WORD!!!

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