12 Cruise Habits That Drive Other Cruise Passengers Crazy !

12 Cruise Habits That Drive Other Cruise Passengers Crazy !

What are the things that annoy cruise
passengers about other cruise passengers more than anything else?
I’m Gary Bembridge and this is another of my tips for travellers. I noticed there
are things that seem to really wind up cruisers about their fellow passengers
more than anything else, so I thought I’d share those, and what I discovered, with
you right now. These are in no particular order. First of all, not
washing hands and not using the alcohol gel. Norovirus is spread through touch,. so
touching surfaces, touching your mouth and the best way of stopping it
spreading is through frequent washing your hands with soap and water, and also
using the alcohol gel. People go absolutely crazy when they see people
coming out of the public bathrooms not having washed their hands, or going into
things like the buffet without having washed their hands or using the alcohol
gel. Because it puts other people at risk. It is one of those things that
drives people, when they see it happen, crazy. Linked to that, is also when they see
people not using the tongs or touching food and putting it back, because again
that puts everyone at risk of the norovirus. It’s one thing that I see
people get really upset about and drives them crazy when they see people touching
food and putting food back and not using the tongs. Other people smoking, or vaping, on
the balcony next to them, above them or below them is the thing that drives
cruisers crazy. There are strict rules on cruise ships now
about where you can can’t smoke, and on pretty much every single Cruise Line,
smoking on your balcony is not permitted, nor is vaping in your balcony
permitted. A lot of people still try and sneak a fag or a vape because it’s quite
a big trek often to go to the areas where you can smoke. It drives people
crazy, and I have seen people go absolute wild and seen them go and
report people. It’s one thing you’ll see in all of the cruise forums: people
going absolute crazy where people smoke where they’re not supposed to. Saving loungers around the pool, on the
decks or saving seats in the theater is another thing that drives cruisers crazy.
It is probably of all of these things, the one where I’ve seen the most
arguments, people really falling out and going absolutely crazy. You know
how it works. People will head down and put books or towels on loungers in great
locations around the ship, and then basically disappear for hours. They might
pop back at some point of the day and use it for a short time and head off again
for many hours. Cruise lines pretty much universally have a rule which says if
your lounge is left unattended for 30 minutes they’ll take your stuff away, so
to frees it up. You probably have experienced that not many cruise lines actually enforce
that unfortunately. So, people have learnt that if you do it, you’re
probably going to get away with it. It’s the one where I’ve seen the most
arguments and the most fights on board. The other is in the
theatre, with people booking rows of seats or big chunks of seats for their friends
or family. It’s another thing which the cruise lines strongly ask you not to do,
and again I’ve seen big falling outs where people have been holding spaces.
The cruise lines make announcements about not reserving seats, but people
do it and again and I’ve seen big stand-up arguments over it. It’s something
guaranteed to drive people crazy and annoy them. Linked to that, another thing
which does drive a lot of people crazy is when people talk through
the shows, or perhaps take pictures when they’re not supposed to because it does
get in the way of enjoying the show. Because people haven’t paid for
the show specifically as it’s included in their fare, a lot of cruisers do seem to
behave very differently and they don’t see it the same as if they’ve paid.
People will talk and chat, they might take pictures when they’re not supposed to. Lots of bright screens around you and it’s one thing that drives people crazy, and
again something that I’ve seen other cruisers get really really uptight about.
Perhaps one of my bug bears, and things that I have seen people get really irate
about, is when people are late back for meeting points on excursions. When you
had an excursion, perhaps you’ve got some free time and the guide says to be
back at 11 o’clock or two o’clock or whatever, and there’s always people that
you know at each of those stops will come back late – knowing full well that
the guide and the bus will not leave without them. People get really angry,
because they know that the pace of a tour is always going to be driven by the
people who are slowest. If you’ve got a number of different places to visit and
people are back every single time late, it means that your time gets more and
more squeezed. Definitely one thing that does annoy cruisers, not surprisingly
perhaps, is that kids can often be the source of a lot of annoyance and things that drive
people crazy on a cruise, particularly with people who aren’t traveling with kids.Kids running right around the swimming pool without being controlled, charging up and down the corridors making a noise, playing in
the lifts or where there are set times at the swimming pool for adults or
kids only and parents don’t pay attention and let their kids go when
it’s adult time. Kids are often a source of conflicts on cruise
lines, particularly with cruisers and cruise lines which are not really family
orientated. There’s a lot of cruise lines like MSC Cruises, Royal
Caribbean and Norwegian which are very focused towards
families. People going on those cruises do, of course, expect to see lots of kids
and families and go with that mindset. On other cruise lines, which are
perhaps less family or kids orientated, I have seen a lot of kind of
people going a little bit crazy saying that kids behaved better in their day
or whatever, but kids is definitely something that can cause a lot of flash
points and annoyance between cruisers. Another thing that does drive people
crazy, and I’ve seen it quite often on ships, is when people have room service
and instead of phoning room service (which they ask you to do), they put the
tray outside into the corridor. On a lot of cruise ships the corridors are quite narrow, and if people do have some mobility issues
with a walker or in a wheelchair, they have to shove those aside to get up and down the corridors. Generally
people think it’s unnecessary because they know that you should just
phone up room service as you did to order, and they’ll come pretty quickly and
take it away from your cabin. That certainly is one thing I see
discussed a lot, and does seem to annoy cruisers quite a bit.
The next two are really often interlinked. One of those is when people
get really drunk, rowdy and out of hand in any of the venues.
I’ve seen tensions rise around that as other people feel it’s
encroaching in their enjoyment of that place. The next point which
is just about noisiness is with people in cabins which have inter-connecting doors and so there’s not great soundproofing and the people next door are noisy, rowdy or party in their cabin. It is quite intrusive and is one thing that you see a lot of complaints about. The thing is if you think that’s going to impact you, make sure that
you’re choosing a cabin that first of all doesn’t have an inter-connecting
door and secondly isn’t above or below any of those venues where there’s going
to be lots of partying, like the nightclub, bars and
big late night venues. Surprisingly one of the most interesting things that
seems to wind people up enormously is comparing fares. You hear it happen all
the time on cruises where people start talking about the cruise and
somehow start comparing how much they paid. Whoever paid the most is
annoyed! People that got great deals are very proud of sharing that. When you do
get an amazing deal, you will wind up people by bring up how much you paid. One of the things that perhaps is a good thing that does annoy cruisers
increasingly, is when they see their fellow passengers being rude,
disrespectful or unnecessarily demanding of the crew on the ship. As you know, the
crew work long contracts away from their family and they don’t earn huge amounts of money. They work really hard with
no days off, and so when other cruisers see cruisers being rude, disrespectful,
demanding or creating extra work for the crew, other
cruisers get annoyed and that’s probably (as I said) a good thing because treating your crew with respect and treating them well is a good thing.
I think personally if people are getting annoyed it’s great, because it’s
good pressure to out on people to be more respectful. Next time you go on a
cruise, take a look some of these things and
look at how other cruises are reacting to the things that cruisers do. It’s
interesting to see that you’ll probably find that these are the things that wind
up people a lot, so I encourage you next time you’re on a cruise to take a look
for each of these to see if you can spot them – I think they are things that are
really winding up modern cruisers a lot. Please watch many more of my Tips for Travellers videos. They’re packed full advice and tips to help you make the
most of your precious travel time money on land, on sea and on the rivers of the

86 thoughts on “12 Cruise Habits That Drive Other Cruise Passengers Crazy !

  1. The last one you talked about is the one that annoys me the most. Being rude to the crew. Like you said, they work so hard, with no time off, for not a lot of pay, yet, are still doing it with a smile and with professionalism. No need to be rude to them at all.

  2. 1:19 What about tongs that fall into the food. Hundreds of people have touched it and now it is contaminating the food.

  3. Most of things you mentioned wind me up. I haven't taken direct action (other than a "look" sometimes) yet but they do give me momentary annoyance. Then I think I don't want some bozo to ruin my experience and I get on with enjoying my cruise.

  4. Vaping in your stateroom or a hotel room is never a problem. Can even vape in the airplane toilets without setting off the alarm. Vape away folks.

  5. 13: Fellow excursion passengers decide to leave the group at some point without telling the tour guide or anyone else.

  6. Hand sanitizers are ineffective against norovirus☹️

    Also if someone is swimming in the pool after a recent bout of diarrhea, they can infect other people in the pool.

  7. You covered all my dislikes. The one that drives me nuts is when people are late on the tours! The tour guide should tell be able to everyone if you are late coming back, enjoy your time in “xxx”. As the next bus will be tomorrow am!

  8. This guy is never happy. The last thing I want to do is look for other peoples annoying behaviors when I am on my cruise trying to relax and unwind. If your on a cruise were people are bare handing their salad onto a plate you better look up and figure what zoo you are at or maybe go to a normal restaurant were the staff bare hands your salad onto a plate behind closed doors.

  9. Photos and flashes during live performances are actually a hazard to the cast. I have been on stage before relatively large crowds (as a dancer). The stage lights and flood lights seriously impair your vision of the theater and audience, so you learn to pick specific, pre-arranged lights and spots (often red or blue) to keep yourself oriented. Having random flashes and camera lights from the audience can throw this off and endanger the performers. If you don't know or aren't sure where you are, the other dancers and singers are in danger also. Collisions and injuries can happen.

  10. Me… the people playing awful music at volume in their cabin with the balcony door open or talking at volume with their family in the adjoining cabin… balcony to balcony. Seriously? I'm sitting on my balcony with my book or watching the scenery. I don't need to hear your dinner plans.

  11. #1 on my list, unruly, un-managed kids and their milk toast parents who won't control them and even encourage them. I don't care even if it's a Disney cruise, if you can't control your little monsters then you and your BAD kids should not go on the cruise.

  12. Gary, as usual, I agree with all of your comments. That's why I'm now focusing on more adult-only and/or smaller upscale cruise lines or river cruises that you have highlighted before and that probably don't appeal as much to some of these annoying types of people. But I have to admit that we are surrounded by self-absorbed, ignorant, rude and unhygienic people every day, no matter where we go or what we do. Thank God, I always get a great cabin (sanctuary). 🙂 Thanks, Gary!

  13. Good video: thank you. You must have some clout with the cruise lines, so your suggestions would be welcome. There are people with poor behavior that we could classified in several categories, some are behavioral blind: they don't realize that what they are doing is wrong, either by ignorance or because they don't pay attention. There is other group that do not care other than for their on selfish selves: they may be feisty and outright rude and even aggressive, this group is the worse, other groups that are simple brain dead: this are the minority % though. I blame the cruise lines for not taking important measures, i.e., notify at the time of the sale a behavioral code that would be in-force, just like a non smoking in the cabins is in-force, other misconducts would be in-forced, even with monetary penalties, i.e.: $500 for not washing your hand or messing up the food in the buffet line, or if they take picture in forbidden moment and areas then they could be fined too, if they are late then they would be left outside and they would have to pay to get to after hours gathering, or they would loose their tour and their tour money; the distribution of the kids should be well organized and if parents would object or crash this civility rules then they would be fined, etc. etc. in Other words, inform, inform again, in-force. Besides allow more anonymous reporting in the spot from other cruises so action would be taken in the spot and let all the cruisers know about this possibility: security should work more instead of getting involved only in extreme violence. So the punks (the very small percentage) will not cruise and the civilized people (probable 98%) will be more attracted to cruising: cruises have been loosing their charisma and their charm and the thrill of cruising is not there anymore, because of this disgraceful behaviors and the permissive attitude of the cruise line together with the lack of class in many instances.

  14. Definitely agree with all of these, especially abuse of the crew.

    I will say I see far more badly behaved elderly people than I ever do rowdy kids.

  15. I hate when people are rude when the elevator doors open they walk in right away and don’t let those already in a chance to walk out

  16. What an over over statement i have been on many cruises & i have to stress i have never ever seen people go crazy ,i do not know who made this guy head teacher but they must be his personal crazy view so what ever you think do not let this guy put you off cruising he is misleading in a crazy way.

  17. I like to show up to the shows late and drunk, cigarette in hand, and carry my room service tray onto the stage, the kids like a better view with snacks. If anyone tries to stop me, I warn that I haven't washed my hands, or shout out my cheap fare!

  18. Simple solution to these problems, cruise lines should enforce the rules but unfortunately the almighty dollar speaks volumes. Cruise lines think that less people would cruise. Maybe, but they would have a whole lot of other happy cruisers.

  19. I don't get smoking on a cruise ship…..just like an airplane. The main decks, inside, have the Casinos on every ship. Why, in God's good name, would anyone be allowed to smoke INSIDE the ship…..in an enclosed tube? It goes everywhere on the main decks. I just love walking out of my favorite restaurant, following a good meal, to walk in to a wall of cigarette smoke to inhale, infest my clothing, and make me smell like shit. There should be one place to smoke on the ship, ….all the way on the back of the ship. Stop the madness!

  20. My favorite bad habit: After going through the "all you can eat feeding trough"…….watching the fat fucks, unable to hold their appetite, until they get to a table, and start shoveling food in their mouth. We Americans are a bunch of fat fucks…..can not even wait to get to a table. FFS!

  21. People that let their cabin bang closed. Hard is it to hold the door handle and let the door close quietly?

  22. Thanks for the very useful tips Gary. It’s always good to get a refresher ‘course’ on the do’s and don’ts of cruise protocol. I recently booked a HAL cruise which does a turnaround within the Panama Canal. I spent a fair amount of time selecting our cruise cabin making sure there is nothing above, below, or on either side of our room which will add to the noise level in our Stateroom. Having said that, I forgot to inquire as to whether or not our Cabin connects to another room. I guess, I’ll make an inquiry with HAL, yet we depart in January and I doubt there’s much we can do to change rooms now. Oh well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, thanks for creating this very interesting and informative video. Ed

  23. The larger ships carrying thousands of passengers amplifies the small percentage of annoying passengers that you're more likely to encounter. That's why I prefer the smaller ships. The fares may be higher but that makes it less affordable for the riff-raff.

  24. Pretty much agree with everything you said. Hand washing is way more effective regarding norovirus than the gel though the gel may prevent some other things you might get. I can't understand not washing your hands after using the bathroom anywhere, pretty disgusting. If I get a great deal or cheap upgrade, I keep it to myself lest I lessen my chances for the same treatment in the future, okay, a bit selfish!

  25. I really think they need to be far stricter with late comers. As long as they keep enabling them "you've been very naughty, don't do it again" they'll keep doing it. My friend had NO respect for times (not on cruises but in every day life). She just figured everyone was going to wait for her etc. She started losing jobs because…well…they expected her to be there on time. It took about 4 jobs before she caught on. She still tends to be late to social things. One time we were meeting for supper at 5:30. She texted at 5:45 and said "Okay, I'm on my way, going to be a bit late". I texted back 'I know you are, that's why I haven't left home yet'.

  26. Well said, totally agree. Have you ever tried to watch a show with someone in front of you holding their phone up to record? Their phone not only blocks the stage but all you see is the glare from it… I find the mentality on a lot of ships is "this is MY holiday, so I'll do what I please", totally ignorant to the fact that this is also everyone else's holiday!

  27. Look, I agree with almost everything you said as being rude and annoying. BUT, those types of people will almost ALWAYS be that way —uncultured and selfish. The cruise companies MUST ENFORCE THE RULES. Also, I try not to let others bother me. If out of hand, I will politely confront the offenders. It’s sad that things are this way, but they are. BTW Get over the complaining about vaping!

  28. One thing that annoys me is general bad manners, especially when aimed at the crew on board. On my most recent cruise I heard someone bark a cabin number at a crew member, expecting them to tell them where it is. The crew member wasn’t 100% sure and suggested speaking to reception. What I found frustrating, apart from the rudeness was that if the passengers bothered to open their eyes they could see that there was a plaque on the wall which had the cabin numbers on them and an arrow pointing in the direction of where the cabin was, Eg 6001 – 6100 ->. It’s not exactly rocket science.

  29. People who nap in the chairs in the Crow’s Nest; sleep in your room and let someone who wants to whale watch sit in the chair. People who walk slowly down the middle of the hall; move over so others can pass.

  30. On the lines of human rudeness and a super pet peeve of mine (besides the seat saving) — When someone cuts you in line at the buffet!

  31. Gary : Excellent discussion on cruise ship manners on and off ship

    I'll share a bad behavior which happened during an excursion in St. Maarten. While on a return shuttle van from one of St. Maarten's beaches, a rude passenger decided to open the shuttle window and spit out on the street. The locals sitting and walking along the street clearly saw this nastiness; the shuttle driver, a St. Maarten local, heard the passenger spitting. The shuttle driver asked (with veiled civility) this uncouth passenger: "Are you ok?"

    We were fortunate the locals didn't take matters in their own hands.

  32. Are you on a cruise? In a restaurant? In an airport bathroom? Maybe you just took your shoes off at security. Are you at home and just used the toilet, took out the garbage, or just came home from being “out”? WASH YOUR HANDS!

  33. I hate it when people are late getting back on the ship. On one of my cruises, we had to wait 45 minutes past the time the ship was going to be pulling out because some bachelor party of like 30 people weren’t on board yet. They came running down the pier super late and it was very annoying to have to wait so long

  34. How about this,"people just follow the rules". If people would just follow the rules put in place we would all be better for it.

  35. i've seen a chef of a cruise ship about to leave the bathroom without washing their hands, well…until i said "you forgot something…and let me know where you're stationed so i know NOT to eat there!"…then i roll my eye's :0)

  36. Fat guys in spedo. Cruise employees marched down corridors waving white linens and passengers joined congo line around clean restaurant tables while sweating.

  37. I’ve taken over 20 cruises and have seen all of these. People should respect their fellow cruisers and the crew.

  38. Adding to the smoking comment….those that throw their butts overboard. Like the ocean is one big ashtray.

  39. Saving the seats. They say not to do it so we don't and when we go down to use the pool there's no seats left near the pool but there's nobody in the pool either Just a bunch of towels on seats. I wish they'd either enforce it or not say anything

  40. I wash my hands very frequently ESPECIALLY on a cruise, but I don't believe in the hand sanitizer in any environment.

  41. I save lounges it’s a vicious game out there abroad celebrity cruises every one fights for lounges I have to wake up at six to get one if you leave people just take it

  42. Kids are the very worst. My absolute priority when going on holiday is that there are minimal children/adults only. All they do is ruin your holiday. I like May holidays because then there’s no chance of parents taking kids on holiday out of term time because of exams etc.

  43. Nice video. I have subscribed. We turn our heads to some of the entitled idiots who do the things you have spotlighted.👍

  44. Call room service to remove trays? On Royal it takes 25-60 minutes to get your food. Why would someone stand by/stay up, stay out of the shower, just to have your tray collected. Do you have to tip again. That’s ridiculous.

  45. I absolutely hate line cutters. You are waiting in a line, and people let their friends in ahead of you, or a group of people come along and simply walk up to the front and make their own line at the front. I've seen both of these behaviours, and it drives me nuts!

  46. We just returned from a Baltic Cruise. The people at the buffet were tasting food from the serving spoons, using their hands to take food, and one lady dropped her pancake on the floor and then used the tongs to pick it up and she just placed them back in the bin. Horrible behavior.

  47. Wew heard several people complaining about the tips being added to their charge accounts. Apparently, they had not cruised in a while, and were not expecting the gratuties being added to their accounts. Somehow, after listening to their tirades, I got the feeling they NEVER left anything for the cabin attendants, wait staff, etc. Even with the tips being added, we still recognized those who performed exemplary service with extra money.

  48. Jesus “playing on the lifts” is meet like 8 people my age and we rode them for like 4 hours a day

  49. Queue jumpers when waiting for a tender back to the ship. Happened to me and I mentioned it to security – the person doing it ended up being a crew member. They did it multiple times at the same location and ended up being spoken to by an officer.

  50. personally if i have my girl all revved up after dinner i put tray out for pu so i am not bothered during horizontal aerobcs or …. I also do not like to wash in restrooms when i know a guy will use a urinal and touch his hoo haw and the very next thing he touches is the faucet handles…..

    i I aint going there or touching that at all…. Do not get me going on the pool thingy…

  51. Yes all of those would irritate me. The last one I am glad that other cruisers put people in their place when they see them disrespecting the crew. I know I couldn't sit by and watch it. I have seen a few . comments on youtube where I think they would be the obnoxious cruise passenger. It makes my blood boil when anyone abuses a staff member or talks down to them acting in a self entitled way. They work really hard and it most definitely is not the easiest of jobs and I would be very protective of them for sure. 🙂 I also hate queue dodgers. Come on we Brits are famous for queuing, have respect and wait your turn 🙂 I call it queue rage and see how much it annoys people all the time 🙂

  52. wish to ask you as an experienced cruiser – on embarkation day the ship is required to have a safety drill that can take up to rn hour and is done usually at the later hours of midday,. that understandable, but if a ship pics up travelers in different ports you get this annoyment sounds on each day of the cruise, what is your intake on that? often they sound an alarm or a message that is loud and especially loud so people take it seriously.

  53. Oh the towel on loungers issue!!! Not a cruise but same principle – I stayed at a hotel where we would watch s guy from our balcony guy, go to the pool area at MIDNIGHT and put towels on SIX LOUNGERS just to make sure they were 'reserved' for morning!!! Unbelievable!!! When I see that, I just chuck their towels in the pool at 5 past midnight!

    If I see others put towels down early morning and then bugger off for half the day, they needn't think their lounger will be waiting for them either! Selfish buggers! Nah, I will shift their towels off those loungers and have myself a lie down thank you very much! 😃

  54. Another informative video, Gary. Heading out on the Nieuw Statendam in October for a 24 day back to back. Hope we leave all those rude people behind!

  55. Reserving sun beds and theatre seats must end. Companies must implement their rules. 30 minutes means 30 minutes! 🥳

  56. I really hate it when not only when people get so drunk that they cannot stand straight on their legs. It is even worse when they are trying to touch (fe)male personal and think they are funny. 🤬😡

  57. I'm sure everyone who has been on one or more cruises can testify to seeing or experiencing one or more of these annoying habits of rude cruisers. However, I wish you would explain how to go about dealing with it. The worst for me is watching someone walk out of a bathroom stall and leave without washing their hands. It makes me want to ask them, "really"?

  58. If a person can't get back to the bus on time I say stuff them. They only do it once if cost them lot of money or get left behind.

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