10 Things You Didnt Know About Us – Ep 96 Sailing Luckyfish

10 Things You Didnt Know About Us – Ep 96 Sailing Luckyfish

48 thoughts on “10 Things You Didnt Know About Us – Ep 96 Sailing Luckyfish

  1. I love your honesty.. glad your not selling your soul for $ .. i at 56 bought a yacht with no experience.. so life should be about adventures and learning ..

  2. A quote for you :-
    The problem has never been, we cannot feed the starving, the problem is, we cannot satisfy the wealthy.
    Nice to see both Zia and Leo are doing well.

  3. Cool vid idea. Hope we get to meet you all one day. Perhaps in NZ when you get to do your Pacific leg… How quickly Leo has grown! I can see another Mongolian taking swimming lessons soon.

  4. Very Cute Video & Lil Boy! Thanks Y'alls What about Mexican Foods or Texas BBQ??? LOL Y'alls Still Need A Lil More Varieties Schooling Yet!?

  5. You are right we do have the technology to repair some of the damage that we have done to this planet. All we have to do is go back to basics.The problem that the people have is a tendency to over engineer things hence creating unneeded expense and bureaucracy.

  6. Nice update guys, good to hear from the Lucky Fish again. I think Leo will love the rocking of the boat. He will probably get his sea legs before he learns to walk. Peace !

  7. Very good point about the unhappiness of working in sonething that isn't your passion. Still, Stew, you were right not to pursue marine biology with that attitude. Marine bio work devolves into either funded politically-charged work or constant begging for money to pursue esoteric interests while not being able to pay the light bill.
    Working on boats is better. Best thing I ever did was take a 'temporary' job as a merchant seaman, 20 years ago.

  8. Lovely stuff guys. You've been around, Skipper. Hang on to the Mrs and Leo looks like a strapping foremast hand. xxx from me and Mrs SB.

  9. Leo is proud of having 2 great parents

    I had a Thai girlfriend with a similar name as zaya

    So I was surprised to hear her real name

    Enjoy your great lives

  10. You guys are lovely! Continued happiness, from Montreal! p.s. Idea for Zaya (and Leo?) -> Why not learn music? Piano and guitar are the base to everything. Guitars are portable, electric keyboards can be very portable; perhaps round it out with flute and harmonica?

  11. Somehow I was not surprised to learn your background in Permaculture and Bill Mollison. I recently added my name to the list for Geoff Lawton's next online PDC. I agree with you – we already know how to solve the problems of climate change. I decided it was time for me to improve my knowledge so I can help in a small way.

  12. I admire your enthusiasm for life and adventure.  I really enjoy all your videos.  I was wondering about your faiths?  How will you raise little Leo?  I have appreciated hearing some of your philosophies of life, very cool.  Leo is a lucky little guy for sure to have you both.  I too have a bit of a bag fetish, I love any bag made out of canvas/cotton.

  13. I have less than two years before I retire. I understand how you feel about employment.

    Congratulations on your wonderful family.

  14. Hi Stew and Zaya (and Leo)! This was such a delightful video! I got really interested in Sailing Luckyfish primarily because of my landlubber's interest in sailing and seafaring
    but it is you two who have me hooked. Virtually all of the other sailing channels that I check out/subscribe to are about adventures, and sailing, which is great. But what puts yours
    a cut above the others is that yours is also very much about people. You've taken such care to respect and carefully sketch the people and cultures you encounter on your journeys,
    and in the process, reveal all of the amazing and unique things that you yourselves have to offer, and it is awesome. When you mentioned that you were gong to release this,
    I looked for it immediately and it was every bit the treat that I knew it would be. Leo is so lucky to have such parents, and it's more than obvious that you feel the same way about him.

    BTW, I had no idea that Zaya's given name is a different one. I wouldn't have the first clue how to spell it and will never dare try to pronounce it, but it sounds just beautiful.

    I can't wait to see the next chapters. It's great to hear that you'll be back in the water, with your newest crew member, but I'm really enjoying the episodes covering the Stew/Zaya/Leo
    household as well! God bless and stay safe.

  15. Lenny and now Leo why are the sailing babies names starting with L? What is Leo’s Mongolian name? Can Zaya tell us how she learnt English and the challenges. I think Leo will be a permaculture specialist, just watching you talk.

  16. Enjoyed that back stories on you folks, Leo is getting so big, you all have a great one. Cheers…

  17. Hi guys , enjoyed the video very much, Leo is so damn cute,, so is Princess, your lucky to have each other. I miss you guys and hope you know you always have a place in Florida to come stay. I know we will meet up again one day till then, God Bless your family Capt Stew, steady as she goes mate . hope to see you soon. Cheers ,,,,,, Brice

  18. It's interesting watching the channel. There is a real inner strength with Zia… So often we see a lovely woman and think she is more about her appearance than her inner self. This bio gave me a greater understanding of this truly amazing person. Another story would be how she went from being a nomad to living and working in the US. Leo needs to be a model.. time to use your social media marketing Zia.. That little boy has it all.. thanks for sharing luckyfish Family

  19. Thank you for the behind the scenes look the new crewman likes to be heard and if I ever meet you guys in person I will practice to say zayas name properly to show respect to the first mate

  20. Always interesting to hear the background. Totally agree with you about saving the planet. We already have all the answers.
    I have also met Bill Mollison on his farm near Murwillumbah.

  21. WOW what an amazing family. Now that you have given us some back ground history on your interesting lives I am now hooked and have subscribed . Love your comments at the end of this video about permaculture ….. Keep safe and well

  22. Really enjoy your videos Also like spreading the truth… whistleblower Eric ciarmella…. check out "Amazing Polly" best in deep diving the truth … example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPQU7XDBAc

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