10 Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Bedroom

10 Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Bedroom

Bedrooms with small spaces become a problem when you have so many things to keep. The storage available won’t help you that much due to its limited space. Therefore, a smart solution is required. Here are 10 storage ideas for small space bedrooms that I rounded up for you. In this list, you’re going to find out and learn some new tricks to declutter common messes in the bedroom with the cleverest way possible. Following previous videos, this list is compiled and crafted for you by Simphome.com 10. Tap the Back of the Door The bedroom, like any other room in the house, needs to be clean and tidy. That will be an easy task to do if you have plenty of space to organize things in it. But what if you have to deal with a cramped space? It simply means that you should be able to manage and maximize the space that left vacant. The space behind the door lies dormant, and thus you can make good use of it. Just install a hanger and put some clothes there, and you’re good to go. 9. Hang Your Clothes behind your Bed Redesign your bed can also be a good way to get some more space in the bedroom. By removing the headboard or choosing a headboard less one instead, you’ll have some additional space behind the bed. You can build some improvised storage such as shelves or racks. It would be better if you could spare some room to reach the storage behind the bed. By doing so, you don’t have to climb the bed up when you’re about to take stuff there. 8. Don’t Neglect your Corner space Corners are another potential space you can actually get the advantage of. They typically become a blank space, especially near the ceiling. Thus, you build shelves there by using some ropes and wood planks, and you get some new storage. Firstly, cut wood planks and sand them. Secondly, create holes at the end of the wood planks by using a spade drill bit. Then, Lay the planks on the floor by overlapping them while creating an “L” formation and start threading the rope from the bottom. Set a desirable height and pin the ropes under each shelf. Use smaller wood planks and screw into the walls. Thrust a screw hook at the ends and in the middle of the wood planks and hang the shelves. Readjust the shelves to make them evenly levelled. 7. Buy Bed Frame with Drawers Have you ever tried to use space under the bed? If you’re looking for another alternative storage in the bedroom, getting a bed frame with drawers will be a good idea. This idea is pretty interesting and worth trying. It doesn’t take a considerable amount of space too. In fact, the storage we’ve been talking about is a part of the bedroom. So, you don’t have to build new storage for that. The bed really suits for a compact space, leaving a sense of minimalist touch. 6. Invisible Storage Shelf project idea For storing small things such as phones, tablets or other accessories, this shelf can be a great help. Because of its small size, you won’t realize that there’s a shelf next to your bed. It’s a smart solution for small storage when your table is filled with other devices including a bag, laptop, and such. It’s also easy to install as it’s lightweight. When you’re in bed, you can reach it with your hand without bothering to wake up. 5. Floating Shelf with Drawer The designer behind this brilliant idea of creating a shelf with a hidden storage shelf is genius. This picture shows a good to really maximize space in the bedroom. First, start building the shelf by screwing supports arms and another part with pocket screws. Second, collect all parts to build the false bottom. The steps are the same as the previous one. Now, attach a piano hinge to join the two main parts. Then, don’t forget to install friction hinges at the end of the two sides. Find a nice spot on the wall with a proper height you’re going to use. Locate the studs and use wood screws when attaching the shelf to the wall. Make sure they can hold it firmly or you can avoid putting heavy stuff in it. 4. Use Shelves as a Room Divider When you have ample space but you need to separate it without encompassing, a partition wall will be a smart move. You can either purchase it from IKEA or build one by yourself. The partition works best when you need to transform a room. You can create a living room and a sleeping area with this idea. You can also use it to install shelves on it. Shelves can have multiple purposes not only for displaying some accessories. They are really practical installation for a room with a limited space. It’s like to kill two birds with one stone. 3. Use the Space under the Ceiling Again, the space under the ceiling is usually empty. People usually transform it by building a hanging storage idea. Above the window is storage that’s fairly wide for putting baskets and other items alike. Be careful when keeping things inside the bags. It can cause a mess if they fell and scatter all over the bed. 2. Try Lazy Susan Shelf This Ikea-hack idea of a bookcase is simply amazing. It costs you cheaper than buy a Pottery barn Bookcase at stores. Materials needed: • An Ikea Billy Bookcase in white • A 24″ pine round from Lowes • A couple pieces of corner trim from Lowes • A lazy Susan from WoodCraft • And a beveled mirror from Wal-Mart How to build: Assemble the bookcase and follow the instruction IKEA’s instruction. Give the back of the bookcase with a color that suits your room or any color you like. Then, attach the lazy Suzan to the pine base and the bookcase bottom. Due to its size, it can fit a corner next to the bedside table. This is such a cool and useful idea you should give it a go! Before we get to number 1, I suggest you press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I upload new videos. And let’s find out the last idea sitting honor top chart. 1. Hide Your Extra Bed Sheets A bed won’t be complete without bed sheets. If you have extra bed sheets and are looking a way to hide them, the space between the box spring and mattress is the solution for that. To avoid the bed sheets get wrinkled, you should give your best when folding them. Pile them along with pillowcases together. Then, put them in another pillowcase. Nobody would realize that there’s a hidden treasure under the mattress for sure. After reading our 10 storage ideas for small space bedrooms, you’ll now know what to do with your compact bedroom space. That’s it for now. Before you leave, like this video if you truly enjoy it, comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account, or email this. Browse and follow simphome website for more home decor and makeover ideas. Lastly, see you again later with more videos like this in the near future. And until that time, thanks for watching.

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