31 thoughts on “🔴 The Simpsons – The Mysterious Voyage of Homer

  1. "Heck, it's not my job to talk people out of killing themselves."

    Subtle jokes like these are why the Simpsons was so amazing.

  2. It’s funny how Ralph was the one who helped homer eat the chilli (i know I suck at spelling) even though his dad was the chief!

  3. Homer ate pepper spray with no problem…. (technically its hotter than the carolina reaper)….. so how hot is that asylum pepper??

  4. Is that the ghost pepper or different hot pepper let me know because I like to learn these different tips of hot pepper

  5. Chief Wiggum; “The merciless peppers of Quetzalacatenango…grown deep in the jungle primeval by inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum!”
    Me; “That is so F-ing hot, seriously, you’d have to be either insane or suicidal to eat that stuff!”

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