🏩 5 Small Laundry Room Transformation Ideas for Better Design 🏩

🏩 5 Small Laundry Room Transformation Ideas for Better Design 🏩

There are basically limitless inspirations for laundry room remodeling work, but let’s focus on 5 small laundry room transformation ideas only. Transforming your washing area doesn’t require fancy work or a lot of money. With a little bit of creativity, you should be able to pull this off easily. As always, these next ideas are brought to you by simphome.com. 5. Different Layout Transformation A little bit of arrangement and a change of layout can create a pretty impressive and significant look. The laundry room before looked plain and bare, but when you look at the new one, it is completely different. The two machines are separated by a bin, creating a balance look. The background wall comes with attractive wallpaper so it won’t be plain and empty again. With the addition of floating wall mounted cabinets and shelves, it creates additional storage. The cabinet in the middle balance out the two sections of floating shelves nicely. Section rug also adds the appeal of the room. 4. Simple Color Combo Even a slight color combo between the room and the appliance can create a huge difference. For these 5 small laundry room transformation ideas, a little work on the floor has managed to create a different look. And then you can combine the appliances with different colors, creating a stylish and also soothing effect. A matching wall mounted cabinet and also an additional wooden wall mounted planks are enough to transform this room into a gorgeous and functional laundry room. 3. Cabinets Addition You’d be surprised to know that adding cabinets will create a different look for the room. In the before picture, you see that the room only comes with a floating shelf. But when you add cabinets inside the room, and you change the overall color with light but refreshing hue, you can see how different the atmosphere is. It looks neater and the cabinets provide such nice additional storage compartments. Adding cabinets should be included in your new small laundry room transformation plan. 2. Make Use of Available Space No matter how small the room is, you can always make use of the available space if you are smart and creative. For instance, with only one front loading machine, there is still enough space left for open shelves, which can be used to store any items or laundry. If you want to have a neater arrangement, add baskets. Any types of baskets will do as long as they are big enough to accommodate the items. Add a wooden plank on the top of the machine to add another storage compartment. With combination of simple wallpaper and smart room layout, the room will look chic and great without compromising functionality. Before we get to number 1, I invite you to check subscribe button under this video. If you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. Your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot. Thank you for that. 1. Making Use of the Wall It is basically almost the same as the previous concept where you need to make use of any available space. However, in this design, you can make use of the background wall for added storage compartments. With a floating shelf and hangers, you can maximize the storage area. This is a perfect idea for very small and cramped laundry space. Those are some examples of how stylish your laundry room can be once you are creative enough to transform everything. These 5-small laundry room transformation ideas can be your inspirations for any future remodeling work. if you learn new things from this video, express your feeling using like or share button under this video before you leave. if you don’t like it, share you mind using comment area under those buttons and Tell us what you want. Then Dislike it if you feel have to. See you again later sometimes in the near future and Thanks for watching.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I also have a small laundry area and am looking for idea. Are the photos on the left meant to be the Before and the ones on the right the After? Because they look like different rooms and the Befores seem to look equally good as the Afters.

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