⛵️Testing our abandoned sailboat’s electrical systems (after 22 years) LTP#095

⛵️Testing our abandoned sailboat’s electrical systems (after 22 years) LTP#095

Isn’t too dark here? I can solve this problem. That’s a pretty light. But it’s still dark in here. Now we can solve it for real. We finally finally have light on
the boat. We do have batteries now. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about
this week. We’re gonna show you how to installed all the batteries and how we tested all the systems to check out what works and what doesn’t after 22 years sitting on the hard. We have good and bad news. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we’ve been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life and then we’re gonna go back to finish the
house. New episode every Monday!! We changed our minds. Yeah, we found a better solution. We were gonna install one battery here and one here. But we didn’t want to lose all this space. So, we found a way to put both batteries on this spot. That’s pretty good. To do that we need to create a… we need to raise the bottom to support the battery. And that’s what we have this wood for. We got this wood by the way with Cícero. Thanks so much, Cícero. He has a shop next to the shop of the welder that’s working with us. And as we go there
almost every day we got friends with him and I asked him
for some scrap pieces… They’re not so scrap, look at this. Teak. Yeah, this is a nice teak piece. Thanks so much. Now we just need to cut this. So… we were gonna start working right now, after lunch. But a friend that we’ve just met here in the marina asked if we’d want to go… for a ride. He’s not gonna go sailing today because the wind is not that good but he’s gonna go more around the bay and we don’t know yet. So… It’s about time to know the bay where the marina is. That’s pretty cool. It’s a cool way to know the arounds. Yeah, let’s see how it is. Max Gorissen (www.sailbrasil.com.br) Well, back to reality. Good reality. Actually, it’s about our boat. Rumo aos Pólos by Julio Fiadi (former owner of the boat) Well, originally the boat had 5
batteries. 4 for general use. So, four 100 amps, I mean four 100 amps batteries here. So 2 in the bottom 2 in the back. There’s another one back and another one
back. And another 150 in here. This one is just for the engine, that’s 150 amps hours. But we decided to changed it. This is still 150 amp hours for the engine. These, instead of 100 are four 105, just because they changed over time the model. And here we installed other 2 105 amp hours. That means we have now 6 105 amp hours batteries for general use and another one 150 for the engine. And we can still choose in between… Where is the light? This is still useful. Yeah, so basically… Even tough we have one battery just for the engine that doesn’t mean that if this battery goes bad we cannot use the other batteries for engine. Here we can choose in between the batteries. This is a pretty floor. So basically this is the
battery from the engine this is the battery for everything else that we are using right now and this is where you connect them together to use both
systems as it was one. So now we need to talk about how do we get energy on this boat. Or what is our energy source. We have four sources of energy on this boat. That doesn’t mean that all 4 sources are working right now. We have solar panel. That’s is working, checked. Wind generator. Not working. Shore power. Working. I mean… Half of it. Kind of working, yeah. Shore power is used to use the energy from the shore and also to recharge the batteries. We can use the energy from outside, that’s the one we are using right now, that is shore power. But it’s not charging our charger/inverter, it’s not working. For now. We still think we can fix it. But for now inverter plus charger: not working. Generator. Diesel generator. Not working. But… We could fix it. We don’t know if we want to fix it. But still it’s something that we did decide. But for now diesel generator
is not working. They say that’s a really good one but it shakes a lot the boat and it’s really loud the sound of it. So, we’re… It’s like a really really old one
cylinder diesel generator from Yanmar. So, it’s good but it’s loud and shaky. Yeah, we’ll see it. We’re not really sure if we want to burn diesel for energy. We are gonna try probably to have more solar panels. We’ll see it, that’s for the future. We have 3 electrical panels on the boat. So this one is the 12 volts internal panel. So that means that everything that’s
inside of the boat uses this panel for 12 volts. This is the 110. So basically the generator and the shore power all come to here and that’s where you choose
where the energy comes from. If it’s from the diesel generator, if it’s from the shore power. And here’s where you control the diesel generator on this panel. These are also the instruments. Working? Radio, CD player, depth… Working. This is working. This we don’t know yet. And here, all these instruments are basically bad. So that’s the radar: not good. This is the chart plotter: not good. This is the autopilot. This we are hoping to fix, we believe that it’s just the screen, the LCD that’s bad. We think that we can fix this one. This is the SSB radio, single sideband radio, that’s… we really really want this to work and we believe that’s also just the LCD. So, we might fix this one. The depth. At least the screen is bad. The external lights. And the external lights… Here is a panel for 12volts for outside of the boat. So, every 12 volt system, that means navigation light and all the exterior lights are all on this panel, and not on that one that’s the inside one. But now we need to explain how does the energy travel inside of the boat. What I mean by that is… When we click on the… When we connect to the shore power the way the energy comes is like this. The cable from the shore power comes all the way to this transformer and from here
transforms 220 volts into 110 volts. We have one outlet for 220, that comes
straight from shore power, that’s that one right there. And all the rest are 110. So the 110 goes… after here it goes to 110 and also to the battery charger. So this is the battery charger. And this charger is not just the charger, this is what converts the 110 that gets there to 12 volts. So this is not working, right? Yeah, so this is not working right. But the shore power is working right. So
we are receiving energy from the shore power. And all the 12 volt systems are
working through the shore power. But that means that we are not charging the batteries and that’s why we are using shore power. Because if we start using the batteries that means that really soon we are gonna run out of batteries. And we don’t wanna kill our brand new batteries. We’re just installed our brand new batteries. As soon as the paint the boat we are done installed a solar panel that’s working. Oh! That’s true. The solar panel is working, it’s just not connected because we are also on the covered area. And now it’s all covered, they are painting the boat. Spoiler alert It’s like that. Other than that we tried all the
systems on the boat this week. *with the support of an electrician (Carlinhos) And we have some good
and bad news. The good news is our fridge is working. Come on. Our fridge this little thing. This little dusty thing. So, this is working. We have freezer and fridge. And it’s working. That’s really good. That’s pretty good. And I don’t know if you remember but we used to have another fridge right there. Right here. This one was just an 110-volt fridge. And we didn’t want to have 110 on the boat, right? What did we do? We gave it to the old guy that works here. Old guy is his nickname. Yeah, old guy is his nickname. We’re not been… not polite. Yeah, so basically he wanted a extra
fridge for his house and we gave him as a gift. Because we were not gonna use it and we also had something to do… we wanted to fix something back there. That is something for a future episode, but we wanted to have access to the area back there. The engine water valves Yeah, it’s something for a future
episode. But basically we took that away and gave him as a gift, right? And other than that? The bilge pump is not there anymore. Because it was not working. And we need to buy me one, that’s a bad thing. So, here another bad news. I’m not sure if it’s a bad bad news. Here is a boiler. So we have a 40… so that’s a 40 litres boiler, that we think it’s working. But
the energy is not getting to here. So, that means that we need somehow to
figure out where the energy is breaking if we need to change the cables and… we
still gonna work on that. But I think we are gonna be able to fix the boiler. The water pumps are working. This is just the pressure pumps for the water system. It’s working but there is some
leaks actually here. We turned it on… Easy to fix. We are not sure if we’re gonna change that to more modern pumps, this is a really one that the pressure control… the accumulated pressure is here and then the pump is there and… The former owner said that these brakes really often. And I think the newest ones they
don’t break as often as these ones. So, in the future we want to change that. But for now they are working. What else? As you can tell lights are working. That’s pretty good, but we’re gonna change it for LED. All the lights are really old and they use a lot of energy. So, of course this is the most smart idea. Took a long time to find the right LED that fits inside of these things. So this one I think is gonna be
really good. It’s really strong actually. And we wanted the warm one, not the cold light. So, we’re gonna put some of these here inside to substitute this. But that’s gonna be with time, because right now we have a lot of things to do. But we already bought 60
small lights of those and we’re gonna change the whole interior of the boat to LED. Let’s see if the outlets our working. But don’t use these one, that’s 220. She wants to try out outlets. She’s curious to see if all of them are working. Working. There is another one there? Yeah. Good. Working. That’s pretty good. We have one more on… 2 actually. Is that 110? 12 volts and 110. That’s pretty good. That means all the outlets are good.
That’s a really good news. All the lights, the navigation lights we tried to see if runs energy through the wiring. Because we don’t have the lights on. We cut all the lights off to paint the boat. But at least we have energy in every single wire, that means the wires are good. We just need to buy the lights itself. So, that’s good news too. But we’re gonna put this lights when we rebuild the mast. I think we covered everything, right? We still have some, of course, electrical parts to fix to rebuild. And to… We’re gonna do this with time. But refit takes time. You know how it goes. It’s just… you kind of find new things every week. Every day. And we want to install a electrical toilet in one of the heads. Both heads are manual, we want to have
one manual and one electrical. So we need to run the cables for this. And also the bilge pump for the shower. The bilge pump for the shower is manual
we want to install electrical. Because we don’t wanna get sweat after a shower, right? That doesn’t make sense. That’s gonna be for the future. Just hang on. It’s time to thank our new Patreons. So, welcome on board Ravic, Shawn, Badoiu, Terrence & Rosemary, Brain, Tony, Emilio, Jorge, Therese, William, Marco, Ken, Kevin, Mark, Tom, Toby, Mark, Charles, Ken and Sailor, Randy, Laurian and Byron. Guys, thanks so much. We really really really appreciate the support. And we see you guys next Monday. Join the crew

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